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经过几年新能源乱世之后,中国新能源汽车市场逐渐形成 “蔚小理” 三足鼎立之势。三者之中,小鹏汽车以10138台的销量登上了10月新势力销量排行榜榜首。近期,定位紧凑型纯电动轿车的小鹏P5正式上市,其最大的亮点是搭载了激光雷达,未来可实现城市NGP功能,引起国外车友的兴趣,我们一起来看看YouTube上对小鹏P5的评论如何。

D T You are getting new cars way before other reviewers, even ahead of many of Chinese car reviewers. That means you are making such an impact on YouTube and other social media platforms, that car makers now send cars to you for publicity. Well done, Ethan. 你比其他车评早得多,甚至比许多中国汽车评论家早。这意味着你在YouTube和其他社交媒体平台上产生了如此大的影响,以至于汽车制造商现在把汽车送给你公开。干得好,伊森。 lancpudn What a back drop location, Beautiful. I love seeing these new BEV's from the Chinese companies like Xpeng, Nio, BYD, MG SAIC etc. Looking at the big European manufacturers BEV offerings is all well & good but still way too expensive. The quality & price of the BEV's coming out of China are a revelation, Great job Ethan I always look forward to your videos. 漂亮。我喜欢看到这些来自中国公司的新BEV,如小鹏、尼奥、比亚迪、名爵上汽等。看看欧洲大制造商的BEV产品都很好,但还是太贵了。中国推出的BEV的质量和价格是一个启示,很棒,伊森,我一直期待你的视频。 Imperial Dynamics I think Xpeng have a winner in their hands with this model. However I'd love to see a smaller model, a city car, that would be perfect for my city (Thessaloniki, Greece) 我认为小鹏是这种车型的胜利者。然而,我希望看到一款更小的车型,一款城市车,这对我的城市(希腊塞萨洛尼基)来说是完美的 Zaydan Naufal Xpeng certainly has a great xpunch. 小鹏当然有一个伟大的Xpunch。 Zeus Almighty wow that scenery is amazing mate. 哇,那视野太棒了,伙计。 R L It has a movie theater mode. WTF. That is so awesome. I want this car just for that reason alone 它有一个电影院的模式。太棒了。我想要这辆车仅仅是因为这个原因 Jay Connors We need this in the US... I really want Cinema mode to become a thing in more cars 我们在美国需要这个...我真的希望电影模式在更多的汽车上 Janaale This is why I love this channel. Early access everytime. 这就是为什么我喜欢这个频道。每次都提前拿到。 Cheeseburgers Cinema mOde is pretty slick. That fitted air mattress is a nice touch as well. And who doesn't want a refrigerator lol? 电影模式很漂亮。那张贴合的充气床垫也很不错。谁不想要冰箱呢,哈哈? DiGuliy Great styling Ethan, everything great 很棒的造型,一切都很棒 D S Thanks for the video. Great as always. In of yours other reviews, you mentioned that Xpeng will be one of the first if not first Chinese company to start selling their cars in Europe. Is this still the truth? Regarding this model, it seems that is packed with great technology. Visually, the general line of that classic tri-corps sedan looks a bit outdated. Would prefer something like Polestar 2 with the hatchback, which is easier to use the trunk. 谢谢你的视频。一如既往地棒。在你的其他评论中,你提到小鹏将是第一个如果不是第一个开始在欧洲销售汽车的中国公司之一。这还是事实吗?,关于这款车型,似乎充满了伟大的技术。从视觉上看,那款经典的三军团轿车的总路线看起来有点过时。我更喜欢北极星2这样的掀背车,更容易使用后备箱。 ThePiersChannel皮爾論道 Awesome video, excellent reporting! Wheelsboy never disappoints me! Keep up the good work! 精彩的视频,精彩的报道。Wheelsboy从不让我失望。继续努力! Zach Poffenbarger how the hell does a 35k dollar electric car have a movie theatre mode, refrigerator, and lidar. wish they sold this in america 一辆35K美元的电动汽车怎么会有电影院模式、冰箱和激光 Hirav Parekh Can you do a review of G3i? I am curious to know your thoughts on that. That car, a small SUV doesn't sell as much as P7 a much expensive sedan so whats particularly peculiar about this car that we all including Xpeng seems to think that this car will sell in much higher volume? And yes I know about the preorder numbers for this car but not sure why G3i wouldn't as well as this car 你能回顾一下G3i吗?我很想知道你对此的看法。那辆车,一辆小型SUV没有P7卖得多,一辆昂贵的轿车,所以这辆车的特别之处在于,我们包括小鹏在内的所有人似乎都认为这辆车会卖得更高。是的,我知道这辆车的预订量,但不知道为什么G3i不如这辆车 Alexey Sanchez Fantastic car indeed!!! Great job Xpeng! 真棒的车!!。小鹏,干得好! TiY by TiNG Cool reviews, quick notes, with the fridge the trunk volume would be 360L, 450L is without the fridge, but still spacious either way. Hope to get test drive in Beijing soon 很酷的评论,快速说明,有冰箱的后备箱容积将是360L,450L是没有冰箱的,但仍然很宽敞。希望尽快在北京试驾 frankiedehockie Wish this was on the US. 希望这是在美国。 Антоха PANDAВЭЙ Awesome car, awesome video , awesome Ethan 很棒的车,很棒的视频,很棒的伊森 HiagoSN a S Class for 36 bucks? Damm, it has a f* refrigerator and fragrances, Jesus! 36万的S级。该死,它竟有一个冰箱和香水,天哪! John Inton wish Xpeng incorporates the P5 folding seats onto their updated G3i 希望小鹏将P5折叠座椅纳入他们更新的G3i Gaddafi the Great That background is beautiful. 那个背景很漂亮。 Maige2900 Yo man not gonna lie, I thought about doing something similar when based in china, your reviews are very informative and exposes high tech Chinese cars to global audiences 你不会撒谎的,我想过在中国做类似的事情,你的评论非常翔实,向全球观众展示了高科技的中国汽车 ilker erol I can't imagine if I hit and damage lidars 我无法想象如果我击中并损坏了激光雷达 Mattia De Biasi Whats your take on the recent statement by the Chinese Govt regarding the number of EV makers and need for consolidation? 你对中国政府最近关于电动汽车制造商数量和整合必要性的声明有何看法? Jeffrey Norris Good work as per usual, thank you 像往常一样干得不错,谢谢 hasuchObe Movie theater mode is sick. Drive to somewhere with a view and engage movie time :) 电影模式太酷了。开车去一个有风景的地方,享受电影时间:) Hank The Tank On first impressions it looks plain but under the skin and inside looks awesome. So impressed how you get these cars so early to review. Hope they bring Xpeng to the UK! 第一印象中,它看起来很普通,但皮下和里面看起来很棒。你怎么这么早就看到这些车了。希望他们把小鹏带到英国! Martin Vizar well done: punchy quick Review from first moment POW camera, M¿echanical, Electronical, Technical detailed and fascinating Quick "E-teleportation joy.." 太好了。从第一个瞬间的力量相机,机械,电子,技术细节和迷人的快速“电子传送快乐..” Lei Yue This Beijing is very different to the one BBC and CNN showed to me. I thought Beijing must be smoggy and dusty 365 days. 这个北京和BBC和CNN给我看的北京很不一样,我以为北京365天都是烟雾弥漫的。 Canadian baylor What’s the range like? Interior noise levels? Although it has an air mattress is it comfortable? Wheelbase seems long, what are the dimensions of the car? 它的范围是什么?车内噪音水平。虽然它有一个充气床垫,它是否舒适。轴距似乎很长,汽车的尺寸是多少? LuisDomingues forProgramacao If you had the car for a week what kind of tests did you perform? For instance, what's your measured consumption at legal highway speeds? 如果你开了一个星期的车,你会做什么样的测试。例如,你在法定高速公路速度下的测量消耗量是多少? egyptian falcon Hello Could you please make reviews about motorcycles in China ... I really wanna someone who speaks English to make reviews about motorcycles showrooms in China ... There're alot of new and really awesome motorcycles in China ... Benda lfc_700 ... Moxiao 500RR ... Qj motor 600rr ... Longzu star electric z1000 ( single sided swing arm version ) 你好,你能不能评论一下中国的摩托车......我真的很想有人会说英语来评论中国的摩托车展厅......中国有很多新的和非常棒的摩托车......Benda lfc_700。 Bruce Chan I can't wait to see the comparison video between Nio ET7 and XPeng P5 in the future. ..魔小500RR ...Qj电机600rr ...龙族星电z1000(单面摆臂版) Janaale I just love this channel 迫不及待想看未来蔚来ET7和小鹏P5的对比视频了。 Bluebear65 Put a Volkswgen badge on it and the car makes a good looking e-Passat. 我就是喜欢这个频道 Mimi B WHAT A BEAUTY 在上面贴上Volkswgen 的徽章,这辆车就是一辆好看的e-Passat。 Tanto069 These manufactures should be penalized for colluding with a foreign force by letting a westerner reporting on their car on an American social platform . 真漂亮 markuc Can't wait until this get to Australia. The country is finally moving towards electric cars... 等不及要到澳大利亚了。这个国家终于向电动汽车迈进了…… SRT Chinese cars are getting pretty cool looking! 中国车越来越帅了! Yuan Wang Should definitely review and test the ARC FOX ALPHA 绝对应该检查和测试 ARC FOX ALPHA R. Gold Ordered my P5 last week - unfortunately 3 month delivery time - end of January 2021 :( 上周订购了我的 P5 - 不幸的是 3 个月的交货时间 - 2021 年 1 月底:( Vladimir Hristov Good one. Thank you :-). 很好。,谢谢:-)。 Nacario sweet interior, but i just dont find exerior any nice lookin, more traditional. WIsh theyd gone a p7 route in looks 可爱的内饰,但我只是不觉得外观有任何好看的,更传统的。希望他们在外观上走了一条 p7 路线 Alexo, JA i wish you customized the tyer, though. 不过,我希望你定制了层。 Quix Looks good and doesn't have the biggest problem the cheaper Teslas have, with a screen right in behind the wheel. 看起来不错,而且没有便宜的特斯拉最大的问题,在方向盘后面有一个屏幕。 Sean Lee That movie theatre mode is next level. That's a level of innovation I have yet to see in cars... Imagine pulling that shit up during a date.... instant lay 那电影院模式是下一个级别。这是我还没有在汽车中看到的创新级别......,想象一下在约会期间拉扯那个狗屎......即时躺下 redstone craft guy The theater thing is really cool. Never seen that before. 剧院的东西真的很酷。以前从未见过。 Andy Tjhin This one also solar panel... But what i love is projector screen 这个也是太阳能电池板……但我喜欢的是投影仪屏幕 Антоха PANDAВЭЙ Just a 10 minutes video, but said and showed more then others for 40 minutes. Thanks mate 只是一个 10 分钟的视频,但在 40 分钟内说和展示的内容比其他人多。谢谢伙计 Ferenc Tóth Great car to make a video about. Can you also do Wouling Mini Kiwi? That one looks great. 制作视频的好车。你也可以做 Wouling Mini Kiwi。那个看起来很棒。 Wes Alois Almost thought it was the GAC Aion S 差点以为是GAC Aion S Rex Georg amazing 惊人的 Russkivol For some reason, this car looks strangely tall. 出于某种原因,这辆车看起来出奇的高。 Timothy Han Where is the Fanny Pack? 腰包在哪里? Ric Nyc X-PAng... "en" is pronounced "an" in Chinese (pinyin). X-PAng...“en”在中文(拼音)中发音为“an”。 imdb a3 I can live in this car. 我可以住在这辆车里。 Jose Manuel Please! PLEASE! Make a Review Of the FAW Volkswagen Jetta from the Early 90's! 请.请.回顾一下 90 年代初期的一汽大众捷达! Tristan Acosta Looks like the designers used a tracing paper overlaying the ID 4 on the front. 看起来设计师使用了描图纸覆盖正面的 ID 4。 Kyle R Why did they place the Lidar sensor in the most accident-prone area? Volvo is placing theirs on the roof which makes more sense to me 为什么他们把激光雷达传感器放在最容易发生事故的区域。沃尔沃把他们的放在屋顶上,这对我来说更有意义 Francisco Siles 7:34 no speeding today bad boy, Mr cop is watching 7:34 今天不要超速,坏孩子,警察先生在看 PrizmaK It looks alright and offers good value. If this was an ICE car then I would have concerns about reliability (being a new car company and all), but since it's an electric car, it is much harder to screw up. Wish we'd get these in North America because competition is good for the general public. 它看起来不错,而且物有所值。如果这是一辆 ICE 汽车,那么我会担心可靠性(作为一家新的汽车公司等等),但由于它是一辆电动汽车,所以更难搞砸。希望我们能 Robert Hamilton Thanks for the video 在北美获得这些,因为竞争对公众有利。 Dejan IMP Hello and welcome,great work for community,go ahead! 谢谢你的视频 jonly kc GOOD XPENG 好小鹏 Areen Barham Please do more reviews on changan cars 请多多点评长安汽车 Shane O'Neill When nerds make cars. I want a p7 so bad 当书呆子制造汽车时。我想要一个p7太糟糕了 Morris Mak Nice wrist watch! Is that a SKX? 手表不错,是SKX吗? Motlatso Matjekane We need xpeng in south Africa 我们在南非需要xpeng Iskander K the chinese are lucky to have you lol 中国人很幸运有你哈哈 Edson Gomes Interior looks nice but that exterior looks atrocious 内饰看起来不错,但外观看起来很糟糕 ReddoFreddo Is the fridge standard? 冰箱是标准的吗? Ben Dorrington Hope they bring these to Australia 希望他们把这些带到澳大利亚 Sripal vlogs beautiful car, affordable wish this is available in india. 漂亮的车,价格实惠,希望能在印度买到。
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