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Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun Imagine getting a phone in the afterlife without a charger 想象一下在没有充电器的情况下在来世获得手机 DED SEC Every QingMing Festival I would burn a few paper clothes with my ancestor's name on it. They say if there's no name on the clothes, the wild ghost would take the clothes away instead of your ancestor. Some people would say never go near to the Zhizha shop at night, because all the homeless ghost would stand outside the shop and stare all those beautiful hand-made paper Zhizha, just like human we look at the things we wanted. (sorry for my broken English) 每到清明节我都会烧几件印有我祖名的纸衣,据说如果衣服上没有名字,野鬼会代替你的祖先把衣服拿走。有人会说永远不要靠近纸扎 Ghost: Am I a joke to you? 晚上购物,因为所有的流浪鬼都会站在店外盯着那些漂亮的手工纸制纸扎,就像人类一样,我们看着我们想要的东西。(对不起,我的英语蹩脚) Tamegg0 Man, it's always weird hearing Cantonese videos and just being able to understand it. It's not often I see videos in a language I know. Also, I remember doing this and burning paper money for my grandparents that I never knew. I like how it's changed with the times, especially that son wanting to get the Dyson for his mother, it's heartwarming. 伊玛为我死去的兄弟燃烧这株杂草。 MK MK Video is about Afterlife and the sponsor for this video is Genesis... hmmm 伙计,听到粤语视频并且能够理解它总是很奇怪。我很少看到用我知道的语言制作的视频。此外,我记得这样做并为我从来不知道的祖父母烧纸钱。我喜欢它的方式 Kim In my whole life I follow the Chinese traditions, burning paper for the afterlife, but I've never heard of them making different shapes and items to burn. It is so cool! 我这辈子都遵循中国的传统,为来世烧纸,但我从来没有听说过他们制作不同的形状和物品来烧。太酷了! William J. “Hey Siri. Tell them to send me a charging cable.” “嘿 Siri。告诉他们给我寄一条充电线。” Solo Q Imagine peopel who burn their picture with their ex ... 想象一下人们用他们的前任烧掉他们的照片...... Toosday I see the reason why people keep getting calls from the dead. 我明白人们不断接到死者电话的原因。 Phoenix Inspired or sponsored by!! No need to sugar coat it, we are not fools. 受到启发或赞助!。不需要粉饰它,我们不是傻瓜。 Daniel Trinh My family does this every year for both of my deceased grandparents. In the beginning, it was bittersweet but as the living got older each visit became more harmonious as we understand more about each other in relation to how the deceased has treated us. So, this year we burned many things so that grandma and grandpa won't have to bicker to who gets what in the afterlife. I hope they like it. Love ya both, see you on the other side! 我的家人每年都为我已故的祖父母这样做。一开始,它是苦乐参半的,但随着活人年龄的增长,每次访问变得更加和谐,因为我们对死者如何对待我们有了更多的了解。所以, BHuang92 My family burned a passport, thousands of dollars (in afterlife money), a mansion, a Mercedes Benz, and a private jet to my grandfather. We gave him a passport so that he can visit his friends there and have a car and jet to go to places and a place for him to invite his friends over. 我的家人给我祖父烧了一本护照、数千美元(来生的钱)、一座豪宅、一辆梅赛德斯奔驰和一架私人飞机。 HeyMelani Great video you guys!! I enjoyed it so much 伟大的视频你们!我非常喜欢它 Jennifer He is very talented at his craft. 他在自己的手艺上非常有才华。 Charmaine in singapore, you can find shops in the neighbourhoods and they're lined with joss paper goods and things meant for burning. from phones, to houses, to cars, shirts, to even ipads, shoes, and hair needs, or stereos. most of these stalls sell the same stuff to keep it standard and the owners know exactly the perfect ratio of the joss paper to pack for burning. 在新加坡,你可以在附近找到商店,里面摆满了纸制品和用来燃烧的东西。从电话、房子、汽车、衬衫,甚至 iPad、鞋子、头发需求或音响。 Tia ! The first time a Vacuum made me cry 第一次吸尘器让我哭 Jordan Interesting. I see these for sale in Chinatown stores and always wondered what they were for, so this video was perfect for me! 有趣。我看到这些在唐人街商店有售,一直想知道它们是做什么用的,所以这个视频对我来说是完美的! Alkalus Didn’t you just make a video of this a few days ago? 你前几天不是刚拍了这个视频吗? hung la Fung 其實燒東西給先人是燒給自己的內心深處的懷念,甚至是cover up自己的罪已求放過等等 Fingering Things I feel like I’ve seen this before 我觉得我以前看过这个 KISHORE SINGH And we also have people that warn us not to throw iPhone in the lava lol 我们也有人警告我们不要把 iPhone 扔进熔岩里,哈哈 Eddies Bra-att-ha-grejer Hell Bank Notes have never really made sense to me, the inflation in the afterlife must be far above even Zimbabwean levels since the banknotes seem to be far more commonly burnt than actual items. 地狱钞票对我来说从来没有真正的意义,来世的通货膨胀必须远高于津巴布韦的水平,因为钞票似乎比实际物品更容易被烧毁。 Julio Avalos That's so cool. You can gift your dead party animal friends so booze. 太酷了。你可以给你死去的派对动物朋友送酒。 UnggoyMuffin >Has afterlife phone >no cell phone tower >no WiFi >有来世电话,>没有手机信号塔,>没有WiFi SlickRhoads This will become the most common practice in 2100 这将成为2100年最普遍的做法 x4x D. Grizzly Very thought provoking. 非常发人深省。 Door I was watching great big story when i got two ads about great big story at the beggining 当我在开始时收到两个关于大故事的广告时,我正在看大故事 יוסף אריה קהן I got an ad for GBS right before this video 在这段视频之前我得到了GBS的广告 GREG E3 EGG Wonder if he takes paper money to pay him 不知道他是不是拿纸币付钱给他 TheLost RebelMC No offensive but just look at 1:52 and imagine your in heaven and a volume cleaner just appears I would be like “what I did enough vacuuming when I was on earth why couldn’t somebody’s have sent me something better” 没有冒犯,但只要看看1:52,想象一下你在天堂,一个音量清洁剂就出现了,我会想“我在地球上的时候做了足够多的吸尘器,为什么不能有人送我更好的东西” Romar glue is the real food for the dead 胶水是死者真正的食物 shell company Got to take ur phone with you even in death 即使死了也要带着你的电话 Fingering Things Just get a Samsung cause it’ll combust eventually 买一个三星,因为它最终会燃烧的
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