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提到英国的医疗,我们第一印象应该是他们的全民免费医疗政策。作为地球上最大的发展中国家,中国的医疗和英国相比,处在什么水平呢?今天的主人公是一位来自英国,长居在中国的视频up主@Barrett Lee,前不久不幸被诊断出乳腺癌,他在中国接受了全程的癌症治疗。他把自己在中国的治疗过程放到了油管,我们来看看外国网友是如何评价中国医疗的。

Mike Wallace For reimbursable drugs, China’s policy is centralized government procurement. The government first negotiates with the pharmaceutical companies to buy and deliver to the hospital at the lowest price, and for the companies, access to the government procurement catalogue means a steady stream of sales and revenue (albeit at a low unit price) 对于可报销的药品,中国的政策是政府集中采购。政府首先与药企协商,以最低的价格购买并送到医院,对企业来说,进入政府采购目录意味着稳定的销售和收入来源。 david c Great to see Lee making videos again and hope it continues, with more travelling soon. I've been to hospital 3 times in China. 1st time was with food poisoning and they put me in a bed straight away, at around 4.00a.m and put me on a drip and I was OK next day. Not that great ward, with mosquitoes and primitive toilet, but bearable. 2nd and 3rd time I went to a general hospital and saw a dr straight away, had blood tests and X Rays, with results within a few minutes, then went back to the dr, who gave me a prescription to get Chinese medicine-total time there about 45 minutes and cost about £3-both times. 很高兴看到Lee(up主)再次制作视频,并希望它能继续下去,随着更多的旅行。我在中国去过三次医院。第一次是食物中毒,他们马上把我放在床上,凌晨4点左右,给我打点滴,第二天我就没事了。不是那个大病房,有蚊子和原始的厕所,但是可以接受。第二次和第三次我去了一家综合医院,马上看了医生,做了血液测试和X光检查,几分钟内就有了结果,然后回到医生那里,医生给了我一张中药处方--在那里的总时间大约45分钟,花费大约3英镑--两次都是这样。 Vicky J The doctors will get the results through online digital system at the first time. They read your results on computer. At the same time, the departments of different tests informed you to collect the results as well. The hard copy of test results took by patiences, the reason is for keeping a physical document themselves. If they want to consult with different doctors in another hospital, they can bring these material to describe their current health conditions and previous healthcare suggestions with these tests results. 医生会在第一时间通过在线系统获得结果。他们在电脑上读取你的结果。同时,不同检测部门也会通知你查看结果。病人所取的测试结果是复印件,原因是他们自己保留一份物理文件。如果他们想与另一家医院的不同医生咨询,他们可以带着这些材料来描述他们目前的健康状况和以前的医疗建议。 भारत एक शौचालय है The UK's NHS has gone downhill rapidly. I have 3 relatives in the NHS, 2 pathologists and another I cannot reveal as there are only a few of them in the NHS and easily identified. In pathology, there's chronic understaffing. They are so stressed and pressured that you have to wonder if accurate diagnosis can be asked of them. 2-3mins per slide! It's crazy. It's unpaid overtime most of the time. The NHS pension system is so ridiculous that if you earn over limit, you actually start losing money! So they are resigning and working outside the grade. In fact, they are thinking of working as locums which will take the pressure off, but cost the NHS more. Apparently, it's the same in other specialities. It's so bad they have banned their offsprings from taking up a medical career. 英国的国民健康保险制度迅速走下坡路。我有3个亲戚在国民健康保险制度里,2名病理学家和另一名我不能透露,因为他们中只有几个在国民健康保险制度中,很容易识别。在病理学上,长期人手不足。他们压力很大,你不得不怀疑是否能对他们进行准确的诊断。每次2-3分钟。太疯狂了。大多数时候都是无偿加班。国民保健服务体系的养老金制度太荒谬了,如果你的收入超过上限,你实际上开始赔钱。所以他们辞职了。事实上,他们在考虑作为一个可以减轻压力的地方工作,但让国民保健服务体系付出更多的费用。显然,在其他专业也是如此。太糟糕了,他们禁止自己的后代从事医疗职业。 box score watcher Wishing you a speedy recovery. YOU GOT THE POWER, LEE. 祝你早日康复。你能做到,李。 Tom It is very true that China is still developing. I believe that if we develop to the level of developed countries, everyone will be able to get treatment. Of course, I don’t want to develop into free treatment, because we cannot raise lazy people in China, but I still hope that everyone will work hard to improve their lives. 中国确实还在发展,我相信如果我们发展到发达国家的水平,每个人都能得到治疗,当然我不想发展成免费治疗,因为我们中国不能养懒人,但我还是希望每个人努力改善生活。 犇羴鱻 There is a type of hospitalization called "full care", which means that the hospital will fully take care of the patient after discussion, including food, clothing, cleaning, and so on, but this is a fee for the services of a health care provider, not a medical fee and means high costs as well, which are usually not covered by health insurance, so family care means less cost. 有一种住院治疗叫做“全程护理”,意思是医院会商量后对病人进行全面的照顾,包括吃、穿、打扫等,但这是对医疗保健服务的收费。 Jane FANG In China, you can also ask a caregiver to take care of you, but most Chinese think that only family care can make the patient feel more comfortable, so normally, patients will be taken care of by a family or a friend. And most hospitals provide food if you want. But most Chinese think the food hospital provides is not delicious or nutritious, so the family will provide food themselves... 在中国,你也可以请护理人员照顾你,但大多数中国人认为只有家庭护理才能让病人感觉更舒服,所以通常情况下,病人会由家人或朋友照顾。如果你想吃,大多数医院会提供食物。但大多数中国人认为医院提供的食物不好吃或不营养,所以家人会自己提供食物... chn liujr Totally agree with you. In china, too many many people, and still many issues. but get better and better. 完全同意你的看法。在中国,人太多了,问题仍然很多。但会越来越好。 Jonathan H Having had some minor medical treatment in China, what you say is very much in line with my experience. I did financially help with cost of treatment of my niece’s daughter when she fell and broke her leg. So good to see her running around when I was next in China 在中国做过一些小病治疗,你说的很符合我的经历。我侄女摔断腿的时候,我确实帮助过她的治疗费用。看到她跑来跑去真好 Ann Yuan 你观察的很准确,表达的也很客观。中国的医疗制度和有限的医疗资源尽量用在治疗上,个人护理由家属照顾降低病人的医疗费,也更贴心。 Aotemjen Jamir There will be differences everywhere. Just be glad you are not in the US. And glad to see you doing well. 到处都会有差异。很高兴你不在美国。很高兴看到你做得很好。 graham ralston Hi Lee, That's just the experience I had, when I needed treatment in China for getting knocked off my motorcycle in China. The speed of getting things done, x-rays, physio, blood tests, all done same day. To be honest, I would prefer treatment in China than UK. 嗨,李,这只是我的经历,当我在中国被撞下摩托车需要在中国治疗的时候。,完成事情的速度,X光,理疗,血液测试,都是在同一天完成的。说实话,我更喜欢在中国治疗,而不是在英国。 Crystal I live in Melbourne, Australia and I had gone to the hospital for serveral times here. Right after I born my baby, they did a surgery on me because some part of my placenta didn't came out. But one month later, i got very heavy bleeding and was sent to the emergency. I lost 2L blood and almost lost my conscious, but they made me wait there for more than an hour because there was no surgeon available. After my second surgery, they said it should be fine now as they took another part of placenta out. But a few hours later, I told them I was bleeding again. At first, the nurse said it's not bleeding a lot, so I had to wait until I bled a lot to get the third surgery. When I woke up, I was in intensive care. The only thing I was glad was I was still alive. They said several experienced specialists attend my surgery and they took out another piece of placenta. After these three surgeries, I got a lot of blood transfer and stayed in hospital for a long time. That was very bad and horrible memory. BTW, this hospital is Australia's first and leading specialist hospital for the health and wellbeing of women and newborn. So I would rather prefer speed and experience. 我住在墨尔本,我在这边的医院接受治疗。我刚生完孩子,他们给我做了手术,因为我的胎盘的一部分没有出来。但是一个月后,我失血过多,被送进了急诊室。我失血2升,几乎失去了知觉,但是他们让我在那里等了一个多小时,因为没有外科医生。在我第二次手术后,他们说现在应该没事了,因为他们取出了另一部分胎盘。但是几个小时后,我告诉他们我又在流血了。一开始,护士说流血不多,所以我不得不等到我流了很多血才去做第三次手术。当我醒来时,我正在接受重症监护。我唯一高兴的是我还活着。他们说几个有经验的专家为我做手术,他们取出了另一块胎盘。在这三次手术后,我进行了大量的血液转移,并在医院呆了很长时间。这是非常糟糕和可怕的记忆。顺便说一句,这家医院是澳大利亚第一家也是领先的妇女儿童专科医院。所以我更喜欢速度和经验。 Eway Ng The cost of illness in China is high, but fortunately, the country’s centralized procurement has drastically reduced medical expenses. China has also universalized medical insurance, including rural areas, and only pays 300 RMB (50 US dollars) per year 中国的病费高,好在国家集中采购大大降低了医疗费用。中国也普及了包括农村在内的医疗保险,每年只交300元(50美元) SM N, YH L In HK, public hospitals come with simple and basic meals when hospitalized, however, private hospitals don't include meals. they will have menu for you to order with extra cost. 在香港,公立医院住院时提供简单和基本的膳食,但私立医院不包括膳食。他们会提供菜单供您订购,但需要额外付费。 Worldwide Confederation I think this is one of the best comparisons I've heard over the healthcare system between China and the UK. Buddy, I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you as always 我认为这是我听过的最好的中英医疗体系比较之一 Allen Wong In 2020 with corvib19, a lot of elective surgeries, tests and procedures were canceled in Canadian hospitals. Now there's a hugh backlog. You need to wait a very long time. In China it's very fast. That's major difference now. 2020年有corvib19,加拿大医院取消了很多择期手术、检查和程序。现在有一个大积压。你需要等待很长时间。在中国它很快。这是现在的主要区别。 John O'neill Great to see you looking better each new video I think that the level of care seems to be better in China at least they seem more on the ball and they don't mind if you want a second opinion and go to another doctor unlike my doctor. I went to my GP/doctor about 2 years ago about blood when I went to the toilet and he examined me and just passed it off as a polyp nothing to worry about, later that year I developed diverticulitis and had to go and have a scan unfortunately I was too ill to have the procedure, I then had to wait nearly 7 months before I could get another scan appointment and when they did the scan they saw the so called harmless polyp and because it was bleeding so much they took a biopsy. It turns out it was cancerous, I had bowel cancer. Thankfully once they diagnosed it as cancer within a couple of weeks I was in hospital and had the operation to remove it and I am cancer free now. 很高兴看到你每一个新视频都看起来更好,我认为中国的护理水平似乎更好,至少他们看起来更专注,他们不介意你想要第二个意见,去看另一个医生,不像我的医生。大约两年前,当我去厕所的时候,我去看了我的全科医生,他给我做了检查,只是把它当成息肉,没什么好担心的,那年晚些时候,我患了憩室炎,不得不去做扫描,不幸的是,我病得太重了,不能做手术,然后我不得不等了近7个月,然后我才能得到另一个扫描预约,当他们做扫描时,他们看到了所谓的无害息肉,因为它出血太多,他们做了活检。原来是癌症,我得了肠癌。谢天谢地,一旦他们在几周内诊断为癌症,我就住进了医院,做了切除手术,现在我没有癌症了。 chan chan 見到你這樣精神真好了!希望你也好好休息早日痊癒就可以拍更好的視頻給我們看,我們都很喜歡你兩父子的記住不要太忙好好保重身體!祝你們生活愉快平安幸福️ Guopeng Mo Hope you are having speedy recovery. I think this has been my experience with australia health care system and china health care system as well. At the end of the day, ppl need to pay a bit more attention to their health. 希望你早日康复。我想这也是我在澳大利亚医疗保健系统和中国医疗保健系统中的经验。归根结底,人们需要多注意自己的健康。 ivan lee Hi Lee, Its good to see that your energy level is up and you are recovering well. Here's wishing you get well soon 嗨,李,很高兴看到你的能量水平上升,恢复得很好。祝你早日康复 Azhar Idris Chinese people are some of the most health conscious people i know.. not just in China.. go to any parks or any open spaces in Asian cities from Singapore to Thailand you will see dozens of people doing their dancing routine or tai chi exercise.. they just don't want to be a burden to their family if you fall seriously ill.. you should have also mentioned Chinese traditional medicines that play a big part in supporting the modern medicines as we know it.. but i think not to far from now you could get an AI consultation at an instants.. pascal Coppens did a video on AI consultation a whilst back.. worth checking out.. 中国人是我认识的一些最注重健康的人……不仅仅是在中国……去从新加坡到泰国的亚洲城市的任何公园或任何开放空间,你会看到几十人在做他们的舞蹈或太极运动。 Frankie C It is Lee's very good and comprehensive comparisons between the health systems of China and the UK. Only one thing he did not say is that the National Insurance contribution and heavy tax systems in the UK although can provide a good health service by the NHS but discourage the people who work hard while encourage the other people who do not want to work. Some people just rely on free health services and social benefits that they do not take care of their health. As a result, the free health system is being abused and keeps causing financial burden to the government. To increase the government's income the only way is to either increase the tax or cut the other spendings in order to save money. 这是Lee对中国和英国卫生系统进行的非常好和全面的比较。他唯一没有说的是,英国的国民保险缴款和重税收制度虽然可以通过国民保健制度提供良好的医疗服务,但阻止了努力工作的人,同时鼓励了其他不想工作的人。一些人只是依赖免费的医疗服务和社会福利,而不照顾自己的健康。结果,免费医疗制度被滥用,不断给政府造成财政负担,要增加政府收入,唯一的办法就是要么增加税收,要么削减其他支出,以节省开支。
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