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得益于2.1版本和周年庆活动的巨大成功,《原神》在海外和全球收入上均表现亮眼。据Sensor Tower数据,2021年9月,其移动端以超过33.41亿美元的全球收入位列榜首,海外收入也已超2.34亿美元,雄踞出海游戏榜首。

Qiyana Others: Badass skill animation and cool-looking pose using their vision Sayu: tumbles 其他。坏蛋技能动画和酷炫的姿势使用他们的视觉,sayu.tumbles Kurapika is no one gonna talk about how cool yanfei was? that shit was so fucking cool and pretty 没人会说燕飞有多酷吗?那狗屎他妈的太酷太漂亮了 Unseer Gacha Why is noone talking about Eula's and Hu Tao's sliding, they were awesome! 为什么没人谈论尤拉和胡涛的滑行,他们太棒了! ourroha 0:33 the beat drop synchronization with yanfei skill is so satisfying 0:33与燕飞技能的节拍掉落同步是如此满足 SamCRDX Albedo looks like that super OP anime deuteragonist who obliterates everything with a single move. 反照率看起来像一个超级OP动漫氘代杀手,用一个动作消灭一切。 Water Is cool Me looking at kaeya’s sliding and remembering his trailer be like : 我看着凯亚的滑行,想起他的拖车,就像。 Crimson Scythe Albedo looks way too cool like o.O Also Hu Tao's spin in slow motion looks like a cinematic cutscene because how dang smooth it is, especially on the camera angle on that sliding perspective. 反照率看起来像O.O.太酷了,胡涛的慢动作旋转看起来像电影的过场,因为它是多么的流畅,尤其是在滑动视角的镜头角度上。 Dania Amir 0:52 had to replay a few time for ganyu's part syncs so well with the music and i was super hyped for it 0:52,我不得不为赣榆的角色重播几次,与音乐同步得很好,我为此超级兴奋 Mathew James Zhongli winning at literally EVERYTHING! 钟离赢了一切! Davi Costa Zhongli just became a power ranger basically and as always, his part just hits diferent 钟离基本上成了一名游侠,一如既往,他的角色只是命中不同 Hu Tao Supremacy Leader LMAO YANFEI'S IS LEGIT FIRE, it's so underrated 0:34 the BGM and the pyro of Yanfei matches too well, with the camera instantly panning to her- LMAO燕飞的是正宗的火,太被低估了,0:34燕飞的BGM和火焦配合得太好了,镜头瞬间对准了她-- 秋葉沙耶兎 アルベドの存在感が岩神様なんだよなぁ Alved的存在感就是岩神 Shremp The Shrimp Albedo's burst animation has always been really smooth in my eyes, Zhongli with slide reminds me of the part in animes where a character dashes through their enemy then the enemy starts to explode 3 seconds after thinking they're safe. 反照率的爆裂动画在我眼中一直很流畅,中利带幻灯片让我想起了动画中的角色冲破敌人,然后敌人在认为他们安全后3秒开始爆炸的部分。 Justin Of course Albedo beats all, even standing still, but Ganyu's was pretty sweet too. 当然反照率胜过一切,即使站着不动,但赣榆的也很甜蜜。 Doctor James Zhongli burst stands already cool, but sliding? That was a badass. 仲礼爆裂站着已经很酷了,但是滑倒了。那是个坏蛋。 XxAgxthaxX As a Yanfei main Yanfei’s animation timed with the music was just perfect 作为燕飞的主角,燕飞的动画配合音乐非常完美 Jude Regorgo Ganyu’s was smooooth, especially paired with that beat 赣榆的是光滑的,尤其是和那个节拍配对 Melodie Wang Woahh these all look amazing as well. You lined up Ganyu's so well with the music! 哇,这些看起来也很棒。你把赣榆的音乐排得太好了! QY W 0:54 that ganyu part somehow fits the song so well, amazing 0:54赣榆部分不知何故很符合这首歌,令人惊讶 N O O B Zhongli was definitely the best and the fact that he was still like sliding as he was doing his burst was just- YESSS 中利绝对是最好的,事实上他仍然像滑行一样,因为他在做他的爆发,只是-是的 Zwei Zhongli's ultimate can only be cooler if there were actual enemies he kills during the slide. 只有在滑行过程中有他杀死的真正敌人,钟离的终极才会更酷。 Parmita's paradise Dude as a yanfei main and simp I am so hyped YANFEI LETS GO YOU GOT ITTT 伙计,作为一个燕飞主和傻瓜,我是如此炒作燕飞放手,你得到了ITTT Dreiku All I’m gonna say is that every character’s slide looks like from an actual anime. There, I said it. Eula’s slide was elegant as always 我要说的是,每个角色的幻灯片看起来都像真实的动画。我说了,尤拉的幻灯片一如既往地优雅 Lazel Holy, Ganyu's with her smooth slide and her phase changes matching the music was sick 天啊,赣榆的滑行流畅,她的相变配合着音乐,真是变态 MrKenJamin :D Albedo gets the spotlight in this one, It feels like after he threw his burst, the shackwave makes it feel like he broke the land behind him Alright, Take back my words, Zhongli gets the award 反照率在这场比赛中得到了聚光灯,感觉就像他扔了他的爆发后,沙克波让感觉就像他打破了他身后的土地,好吧,收回我的话,钟离得到了奖 WeebSsamm Both Yanfei's and Albedo's slide were the best ones while Ayaka's was the cutest one 燕飞和反照率的幻灯片都是最好的,彩香的幻灯片是最可爱的 Archalist I actually love albedos design and only because i watched this video did i realize he uses alchemy to convert his sword into his ult 我真的很喜欢反照率设计,只是因为我看了这个视频,我才意识到他用炼金术把他的剑变成了他的ult Paridhi_ D I love how the beats were right on point in a lot of them, especially ganyu's slow motion teleportation was so cool 我喜欢他们中很多人的节拍,尤其是赣榆的慢动作传送太酷了 Lightning Vlad Okay, my mind has been set. I will keep my 2nd pity for Albedo when his banner comes around next time. Dude looks cool af. I regret not pulling him back then. 好吧,我的想法已经确定了,下次反照率的旗子来的时候,我会继续对他第二次怜悯。老兄看起来很酷,我后悔当时没有把他拉回来。 Nameless Ei’s looked like someone who knew they can insta-kill anyone and just did but couldn’t care less Ei come home 我看起来像是一个知道他们可以杀任何人的人,只是做了,但不在乎,我回家了 Dillon The smiles from Ayaka and Lumine are contagious :D But Albedo’s was my favorite slide animation. Ayaka和Lumine的微笑是有感染力的:D,但反照率是我最喜欢的幻灯片动画。 Starazy Zhonglis one hits different, the music is perfectly in sync with his its absolutely crazy 钟离一击不同,音乐与他完美同步,绝对疯狂 AbagOfDonuts didn't realize it and I've had him since he came out but does albedo snap when he uses his burst? It sure looks like it. 我没有意识到这一点,自从他出来后我就有了他,但当他使用他的爆裂时,反照率会断裂。看起来确实是这样。 M. Rafi Pratama Noor Yaifei's one is just perfect, she looked so cool and the beat drop perfectly Timed to her posing Yaifei的一个是完美的,她看起来很酷,节拍下降完美地符合她的姿势 sumi Rosaria’s one was so cool:> 罗莎莉亚的那个太酷了:> Last Word Literally anything + sliding = one of the coolest things you ever see Genshin should probably add a sliding mechanic that you can do without the glider rings 从字面上来说,任何东西+滑行=你见过的最酷的事情之一,真神可能应该增加一个滑行机械师,你可以在没有滑翔机环的情况下做到这一点 Game Stonks This takes my "wanting new characters" desire to a whole new level. 这让我“想要新角色”的欲望达到了一个全新的水平。 Zayda Love 0:41 Albedo: creates huge geo explosion with the flick of his hand Also Albedo: has an almost bored expression and casually flexes wrist 0点41分,反照比多。用手一挥就产生了巨大的地球爆炸,也反照比多。有一种近乎无聊的表情,随意地弯曲手腕 Well Well The eye on the back and the cold stare from Shogun is just Chef kiss 后面的眼睛和幕府将军冷冷的凝视只是厨师的吻 sunnrisee Genshin 0:41 love how albedo flick his finger and made a huge Geo explosion 0:41我喜欢反照率轻弹手指,制造了一个巨大的地球爆炸 Jason Here I like how zhongli meteor hit perfectly on traveller geo construct and it shows no sign of dmg 我喜欢中利流星完美地击中旅行者地理结构,它没有显示dmg的迹象 just a potato Albedo snaps his fingers in his burst?? how did I not notice lol. Herrscher of Void moment. 反照率在他的爆发中折断了他的手指?。我怎么没注意到哈哈。,虚空时刻的赫尔舍。 AsianInvasionGaming Imagine if we had that dynamic camera or something similar like we had in that inazuma quest where we filmed a movie scene for that guy from Fontaine, we could get all kinds of cool mechanics and features, if only Mobile wasn't so limiting... 想象一下,如果我们有一个动态相机或类似的东西,就像我们在稻泉探索中为那个来自方丹的家伙拍摄电影场景一样,我们可以得到各种酷的机械和功能,如果移动不是如此限制的话... Π Ganyu's looks so cool! And Ayaka's one was beautiful. 乾宇的看起来很酷,彩香的也很漂亮。 Haruka Yuki Oh my god, I got shivers from Yanfei's, Albedo's, Hu Tao's, and Zhongli's, thank you for making this! 天啊,我从燕飞的,反照率的,胡涛的,和中利的那里得到了颤抖,谢谢你做的这个! Alam Prianta Oh my god hu taos kiss and wink into her burst is everything I cant even 哦,我的天,胡桃吻她,向她眨眼,这是我甚至不能做到的一切 rw_yuuji ALBEDO MADE MY HEART SKIP A BEAT 反照率让我的心跳了一跳 HACK KING2700 Zhongli, ayaka , and hutao's , including yanfei are by far the coolest 中里、绫香和虎涛的,包括燕飞在内,是迄今为止最酷的 TeuShin Savage The Archons hit differently but I have to say Albedo's was really super cool 执政官的打击不同,但我不得不说反照率真的超级酷 Zee Rosaria, Baal and Yanfei were the sickest. Ayaka's one is just beautiful 罗莎莉亚、巴力和燕飞都生病了。彩香的一个很漂亮 Marwa This deserves many much views 这值得许多人的看法 C. Chua I really really like Zhongli's Eula looks good to! Can't believe Kaeya leave a trail behind him (his hand, not the icicles around him) 我真的真的很喜欢中里的,尤拉看起来很好!,不敢相信凯雅在他身后留下了痕迹(他的手,而不是他周围的冰柱) Lakshmi Baal, yanfei, rosaria and albedo sliding animation looked like they just finished an enemy in one hit 巴力,燕飞,罗莎莉亚和反照率滑行动画看起来像是一击就干掉了一个敌人 Yuiii I keep coming back this and the other one to watch again and again I wanna seee moreee like these sliding skills uwu 我一直回来看这个和另一个一次又一次我想看到更多像这些滑行技巧uwu 阿僧祇 アルベドが圧倒的にカッコいい 反照率压倒性的帅气 fBOMB The way Albedo adjusts his glove right after was so badass ngl 反照率调整手套的方式是如此糟糕的ngl Rime-e-Lettere Albedo has unchangeable aim, his burst always in front of him! 反照率有不变的目标,他的爆发总是在他面前! S T I love these. They are like character performances at a Talent Show 我喜欢这些。它们就像才艺表演中的角色表演 Little Smithy Ganyu’s was so smooth! 赣榆的太顺利了! Cool Person Rosaria, razor, Hu Tao and eula’s ones were probably my favourites Edit: how dare I forget to mention Ganyu 罗莎莉亚、剃刀、胡涛和尤拉的可能是我最喜欢的,编辑:,我怎么敢忘记提到赣榆 Matthew After seeing this and the first one, I think Pyro characters definitely win overall. Xinyan's was amazing. 在看了这个和第一个之后,我认为火的角色绝对会赢。新艳的太棒了。 Angeline L. The camera angles and the edits make it incredible. Huge props to you. 镜头角度和编辑让它难以置信。对你来说是巨大的道具。 궁예 Yanfei is literally a magical anime girl in here lol 燕飞在这里简直就是一个神奇的动漫女孩lol Gaming 0671 I really like how the beat dropped on yanfei's 我真的很喜欢燕飞的节拍 Khairuldin Fadzil For me , Albedo's and Hu tao's are the best . The perfect execution and both of their cool expression. 对我来说,反照率和胡涛的是最好的。他们完美的执行和冷静的表情。 ShitIsReal Aside from the cool sliding thing, Genshin Impact really have sick animations 除了很酷的滑动,真神冲击真的有恶心的动画 /_Shadow Pixel_\ (0:32) The timing between the beat and yanfei's burst is perfect (0:32)节拍和燕飞爆发之间的时机选择非常完美 Sennie why is no one talking about rosaria’s?! hers was so amazing 为什么没人谈论罗莎莉的?她的太神奇了 Wolven Wolfdog Services They are pretty cool. The only thing I can't get out if my head is, Baizhu doing a summoning jutsu pose as his burst animation xD 他们很酷。,唯一一件事我不能出去,如果我的头,白竹做了一个召唤jutsu姿势作为他的爆发动画xD 犯ずきん 1:18 胡桃の元素爆発、疾走感が付くことで普段と印象がガラッと変わるのが面白い。 一人称視点のプレイヤーを画面の向こう側に連れ出してくれるような構図。 核桃的元素爆炸,加上飞驰感,给人的印象和平时完全不同,这很有趣。象带出第一人称视点的玩家到画面的对面一样的构图。 Luigio the moving lines in hu tao made it look so dynamic I actually felt my stomach move and it was awesome 胡涛的线条让它看起来很动感,我真的感觉到我的胃在动,太棒了 toai quang Ok...the use of Traveler's E to cut the cam was brilliant! 好的...使用旅行者的E切割凸轮是辉煌的! LoliHHaven The fact that Ayaka looks so happy doing her skill makes it 10 times better 事实上Ayaka看起来很高兴做她的技能使它好了10倍 Mayté Hoxsie Albedo's slide along with Zhongli's...did something to me <3 反照率的幻灯片和中利的...对我做了什么<3 めぐみかん アルベドのカッコ良さが段違い 反派的帅气程度很高 Cristobal Ganyu entró con ritmo, timing perfecto 赣榆Entrócon ritmo,timing perfecto its jmarieee Thank u so much for not forgetting about the MC! Lumine’s so cutee 非常感谢你没有忘记Mc.Lumine太可爱了
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