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本视频作者@Teacher Mike 麦克老师,采访地点:耀中国际学校(上海)

Teacher Mike 麦克老师 大家觉得在国际学校上学的体验怎么样? Ray Mak Everyone should at least speak 3 languages. Then the world will be beautiful 每个人都应该至少会说3种语言,然后世界会很美好 qslkk I have a feeling that these kids, being able to speak so many languages and having friends from all over the world at such a young age, will grow up to unite the world and end all wars. 我有一种感觉,这些孩子在这么小的年纪就能说这么多的语言并有来自世界各地的朋友,长大后会团结世界并结束所有战争。 Snow I'm so jealous! Like... they have so many great learning opportunities! They can learn to play instruments, to code, to create their own inventions, it's amazing! I wish I'd attended a great school like that! 我太嫉妒了。就像……他们有很多很棒的学习机会。他们可以学习演奏乐器、编码、创造自己的发明,太棒了。我希望我能上这样的好学校! eveningrice I grew up in a few international schools around the world. I loved every second of it, the diversity, the friends, the strange experience being a foreigner in another world but feeling at peace with it all, because well, that's all we knew! 我在世界各地的几所国际学校长大。我喜欢它的每一秒,多样性,朋友,在另一个世界成为外国人的奇怪经历,但对这一切感到平静,因为好吧,这就是我们所知道的! Wil ace I graduated from that high school CLASS OF 2019! I have to say this school YCIS has a special pace on my heart! Met many amazing people and teachers! (From Australia by the way) 我是2019年那所高中毕业的。不得不说,耀中这所学校在我心中有着特殊的节奏。遇到了很多很棒的人和老师。(顺便来自澳大利亚) 阿昌 注意到唱RAP的同學唱完時, 大家都拍手鼓掌給他熱烈的掌聲, 這種正面陽光的感覺很棒! 學校教育的很好! Daphne Lau I love the environment so much, it's really diverse. No chance to study internationally, but hope to have a global career path~ 太喜欢这里的环境了,真的很多元化。没有机会出国留学,但希望有一个全球化的职业道路~ Grace Yang Mike: How's the food? James: Some days I really like it, other days I just like it great answer LOL 迈克。食物怎么样?,詹姆斯。有些日子我真的很喜欢,有些日子我只是喜欢它,很好的答案 哈哈 nat t-d. I was already impressed by everyone's confidence, language abilities and talents...Then the rock band played a 落日飛車 song. Mind blown. Hats off, YCIS Shanghai 每个人的自信、语言能力和才华已经给我留下了深刻的印象……然后摇滚乐队演奏了一首落日飞车歌曲。精神错乱。脱帽,上海耀中 張先生 教育的真好...不會搶功勞,而是說我們一起做的 高犀利 这些孩子虽然都来自非富即贵的家庭,自身也很优秀,但难得没有那种世俗傲娇之气,每个都很阳光自然。 李百昂 這裏的孩子們,天生就能擁有自己喜歡的技能,生來自由,真的很羡慕,在這個世界資本才是最大的一切,我們常人是無法接觸到的。。。 Phrancisco The students are awesome, friendly, and outgoing. I'm madly impressed! I hope my daughter can attend such a school, too. Nice video, Teacher Mike! 学生们很棒,友好,外向。我印象非常深刻。我希望我的女儿也能上这样的学校。好视频,迈克老师!, 바라기헥트님 This was a really useful video, it seems YCIS has a really good dual-language learning environment. My wife and I were researching the schools in Shanghai. Since I'm S.Korean and my wife is Chinese, we were looking for a trilingual environment for our kids. I heard American International School is also one of the prestigious international schools in Shanghai. Would love to watch a video about the AIS. One question, was there a Korean class in YCIS? 这是一个非常有用的视频,看来耀中的双语学习环境非常好。我和妻子正在研究上海的学校。因为我是韩国人,我妻子是中国人,所以我们正在寻找一个三语种 suicidenet i love how confident and well spoken all the kids are; they all seem so positive and driven. 我喜欢所有孩子的自信和口才; Xiaomin Laoshi I have been working there for four years as a Chinese teacher. I taught level 1 Chinese for beginners, who don't speak Chinese at all and half of which don't even speak English. But kids pick up the language very very quickly. Difference from other international schools, YCIS encourages all students to write Chinese Characters from the first lesson. It does make a difference when you want further your Chinese level to an academic level. 我在那里做了四年中文老师。我教初级汉语一级,初学者根本不会说中文,一半甚至不会说英语。但是孩子们很快就掌握了语言。 Vicky Bùi They're all very lucky to have such a wonderfully diverse environment to study. How talented they are when they can speak at least 2 languages at a young age. Being multilingual is very beneficial in terms of every aspect of life. 他们都很幸运能拥有如此奇妙的多元化学习环境。他们年轻时至少会说两种语言是多么有才华。多语种对生活的方方面面都非常有益。 TamTamTam wish every school would be like this, diversity, happy and food 愿每所学校都这样,多元,快乐,美食 ᅮᅮ레몬 I love that children who know different languages early seem more curious and open-minded to learning different things in general and apparently they also do seem to express themselves better orally.Languages improves memorization as well, so it gives a certain advantage when different languages are mastered young! But even the process of learning a skill or anything is always a benefit, at any age! Helps to keep the brain trained and keep it from aging too fast :) I would have loved studying in an international school like this one. 我喜欢早期知道不同语言的孩子似乎对学习不同的东西更有好奇心和开放的态度,而且显然他们似乎也能更好地口头表达自己。 黄山 每个学生都很自信都能侃侃而谈,非常大气,不可否认素质确实非常高 M L These kids bridge 2, 3 even more cultures with native-level understanding. They will be the future elites of the world. 这些孩子将 2、3 种甚至更多的文化与本土水平的理解联系起来。他们将成为世界未来的精英。 Kay They are really talented and humble, confident and they sound really happy in this school, this is how education should be 他们真的很有才华,很谦虚,很自信,在这所学校听起来很开心,这就是教育应该有的样子 ConcreteAngelx3 These kids are so cool, I love them. They are literally all so positive. 这些孩子太酷了,我爱他们。他们真的都很积极。 Princess Janice Roces This school is amazing! I wish my school was like this growing up, but I bet the tuition here is . 这所学校很棒。我希望我的学校长大后也是这样,但我打赌这里的学费是 。 Tommy WXCai I'm impressed that most of them are not only trilingual, but versatile in terms of creation, music or other stuff. Then I said to my son that I like him to be trilingual, "I will learn what I like to learn, just don't push me", my son replied. My son is cool! 让我印象深刻的是他们中的大多数不仅是三语的,而且在创作、音乐或其他方面都是多才多艺的。然后我对儿子说我喜欢他会三语,“我会学我喜欢学的,只是 江边雪Onisma 贫富差距啊。 他们家庭有钱,每天都轻松自在可以选择自己的兴趣。 没有钱的小孩学技能的时候父母总是说给你花了那么多钱上课你得努力练习,长期下来小孩心里真的会有压力。 视频里是没有后顾之忧的快乐 有神炯炯 这世界不可能所有人的起点都一样。想想你辛苦了大半辈子,当然会想把好东西留给自己的孩子。所有人起点一样又反而对奋斗了一辈子的父母不公平哦。基因上也不可能人人平等。别想那么多怨恨。世界就是这样运作的。我很羡慕他们的学习环境,也很欣赏他们,但是不嫉妒。看到有怎么一群开心阳光的孩子,我也很开心。 Emily Hou "no! he's 母语 we're 非母语“ was my favourite part "no.he's 母语 we're 非母语“ was my favourite part Melissa Lee I would love to go a school like this. Make all the kids so happy there! And a good learning environment 我很想去这样的学校。让所有的孩子在那里都很开心。还有一个良好的学习环境 安安 超羨慕這些小朋友在這麼國際化的環境下度過學生生涯 可以認識好多來自各國的好朋友 Bubbleug For me being a student from the HK campus, it's honestly quite interesting how different their campus is to ours lol 对于我是香港校区的学生来说,他们的校园和我们的校园有多么不同,老实说很有趣lol Peter Cheng probably one of the best international schools I have ever seen and witnessed. The diversity of th student body is amazing. 可能是我见过和目睹的最好的国际学校之一。学生群体的多样性令人惊叹。 sophia isabelle Never gone to an international school myself just because the tuition's so ridiculously expensive. Although what's great about that is that you'd be able to interact with foreigners with different upbringings, economic to cultural backgrounds, and mother tongues. The populous diversity is probably unmatched compared to just an ordinary school. 我自己从来没有上过国际学校,只是因为学费贵得离谱。虽然那很棒的是你可以和不同教养、经济、文化背景和母语的外国人互动。人口的多样性可能是无与伦比的 Pusheng Zhao 这种教育注定属于少数人,在哪个国家都一样。课业没压力,是人家完全不需要参加诸如高考那种竞争激烈的选拔,不需要通过教育改变命运,人家起点已经超过绝大多数人的终点了 Anne T Really enjoyed this vid. A cool school. Super kids. 真的很喜欢这个视频。一个很酷的学校。超级孩子。 Allen Wu Love this series! Thanks Mike. Any plan to do similar video for other SH international schools? Like SAS, Wellington? 喜欢这个系列。谢谢迈克。有没有计划为其他 SH 国际学校制作类似的视频。比如 SAS,惠灵顿? ARTWORK of T.T.D.P This kind of school is amazing. I would love to learn here but it seems too expensive. I'm Vietnamese. I could speak English, not pretty well, but it's enough for daily basic conversations. Now I'm on my attempt to learn Chinese. I'm not beginning-level Chinese learner but my Chinese speaking skills are not pretty good. Watching ur video give me lots of motivation to keep learning Chinese. 这种学校很棒。我很想在这里学习,但似乎太贵了。我是越南人。我会说英语,不太好,但对于日常基本对话已经足够了。现在我正在努力学习 Marina Huang tbh, 4 years in YCIS was the best time ever in my school life. tbh,在耀中的 4 年是我学校生活中最美好的时光。 Fan Xiao Great kids, they have got really good demeanor. Amazingly every one of them speaks English with an American accent, no matter where they are from. Must have been the way the school teaches everybody I suppose? 很棒的孩子,他们的举止非常好。令人惊讶的是,他们每个人都说带有美国口音的英语,无论他们来自哪里。我想这一定是学校教给所有人的方式吗? IFU HUANG 覺得在這裡看到了世界大同 不分國籍膚色自然融洽的生活在一起 :) Jinxin Liu 06:09 notice the Malaysian kid helped the American kid pulling the chopsticks out of the bowl, since she knows that it’s considered rude to put chopsticks that way in front of camera 06:09 注意马来西亚孩子帮助美国孩子把筷子从碗里拔出来,因为她知道把筷子这样放在镜头前被认为是不礼貌的 Trusted IO path Thanks for the video! I'm really enjoying seeing these kids from diverse cultures live happily in my home country XD 谢谢你的视频。我真的很高兴看到这些来自不同文化的孩子在我的祖国幸福地生活XD John Lee These kids have a great headstart in a business career that's for sure. 这些孩子在商业生涯中有一个很好的开端,这是肯定的。
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