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angel lim Aggressors will think twice before attacking China 侵略者在进攻中国之前会三思而后行 Toubee Yang Awesome China , keeping up and keep doing what you are doing , China will be alright now and the future to protect China and the Asia-Pacific Ocean 了不起的中国,跟上并继续做你正在做的事情,中国现在和未来都可以保护中国和亚太 TNT Good news. Protect your sovereignty against foreign interference. The world needs to do the same. 好消息。保护您的主权免受外国干涉。世界也需要这样做。 liew william Good news. Fantastic. China walks the talks. They talked about it and they have it. This will definitely pose a danger to US carriers. Install on destroyers as well as on the south China Sea islands to deter any intrusion. 好消息,太棒了 Uncoverhiddentruth Tension between US and China arises from bully and anti bully. China is imperative to find ways to ward off US aggression. 中美之间的紧张源于霸凌与反霸凌。中国必须想办法抵御美国的侵略。 China Hamyku The United States was the first country to develop electromagnetic guns, and encountered technical bottlenecks and insufficient funds in the development, so the United States gave up the development of electromagnetic guns. But at this time, the United States suddenly discovered that the Chinese electromagnetic gun was on board and began the test phase, which shows that the Chinese electromagnetic gun has broken through the technical bottleneck. There is no doubt that the United States is feeling heavy pressure. 美国是最早研制电磁炮的国家,在研制中遇到技术瓶颈和资金不足,于是美国放弃了电磁炮的研制。 b Low They should definitely make it a land defense system. It will be bigger and have multiple barrels. It will be power by dou small molten slat modular nucler plant deep underground. It will have 8 capacitor power storage bank. Deploy it across the country near borders and central inland. On ships will be smaller versions that fires off large caliber rounds using electro magnetic. 他们绝对应该把它做成一个陆防系统。它会更大,有多个桶。它将由地下深处的双小型熔板条模块化核能厂供电。它将有8个电容器储能银行。部署到全国近边境 james teh Long live the Chinese Dragons 中国龙万岁 archie Chinese would be smart enough to develop the next generation laser or ion cannon. Imagine it can cripple any supersonic jet or missiles with just beaming the laser. Wars fought using AI. 中国人足够聪明,可以开发下一代激光或离子炮。想象一下,只要发射激光,它就可以削弱任何超音速喷气式飞机或导弹。战争使用人工智能进行。 OhFookinELL The rail gun will be a giant leap for the PLAN! 轨道炮将是计划的一个巨大飞跃! Just Me strength = peace 力量=和平 kevin the great The bald eagle is an easy target for dragon rail gun. 白头鹰很容易成为龙轨道炮的目标。 Jap the American Lapdogs If you need to crush 4 nations of the quack, you need double the size and capabilities of current military assets and personnel. 如果您需要粉碎 4 个国家,您需要将现有军事资产和人员的规模和能力增加一倍。 Venâncio Emílio Biliribis 中国加油! 中国加油! Nameless Warrior There is a projectile with your name on it! You know who you are! It's ready for collection whenever you are ready! 上面有一个写有你名字的弹丸。你知道你是谁。只要你准备好了,就可以收集了! Tony Ho AWESOME GOOD NEWS 好消息 Ox Vendivil China needs to deploy tons of this by the beginning of 2022 after the winter Olympics just in case. 为了以防万一,中国需要在冬奥会后的 2022 年初之前部署大量这样的设备。 Strong Challenger US EMRs are like monster with legs glued to the ground. 美国 EMR 就像一只腿粘在地上的怪物。 Steven Soo Great weapons 伟大的武器 Jessie Khong US was conducting a military war game with Thailand the time MH370 disappeared MH370失踪时,美国正在与泰国进行军事演习 Thy Chhut Great China 伟大的中国️️️️ Bruce Trappleton The key part of information in this “news” is “will have”, meaning “doesn’t have”, a railgun. As well, the other very important part is the absence of a “when”. If I say “I will be dropping by your place”, I’ll complete the sentence with a “when”. This afternoon? Tomorrow evening? When? “Will have”. No news. 这个“新闻”中信息的关键部分是“将有”,意思是“没有”,一个轨道炮。另外,另一个非常重要的部分是没有“何时”。如果我说“我会” Strong Challenger "condition of anonymity"? LMAO... More tax $$$$from the American citizens. Yeeeeehawwwww! “匿名条件”。LMAO...更多的税$$$$来自美国公民。是的! Raymond Tay Well done China finally the most powerful Rail Gun weapon arrive onboard 055 warship and powerful missiles. Built by China. 干得好,中国终于把最强大的电磁轨道炮武器装上了055战舰和强大的导弹。中国制造的。 Peter Loke Self defence against aggressors like cowboy, bull dog, prisoners, bangzai.... 自卫对付侵略者,如牛仔,公牛狗,囚犯,帮凶.... Joshua Littlewolfe China needs to step up and assist comrades abroad. Where are they when we are repressed? 中国需要站出来帮助国外的同志,我们被压迫的时候,他们在哪里? ISURU THIWANKA Long live China 中国万岁 iczerone2000 Awesome 太棒了 pcm cpmroom ถ้าปืนคลื่นแม่เหล็กใช้ได้ดี.รึ.ปืนเลเซอร์ยิงได้ไกล.เป็นอาวุธที่น่ากลัว.ไม่ต้องเติมกระสุน.ยิงและทำลายศัตรูอย่างเดียว. 如果磁波枪很好。激光枪射击远。是可怕的武器。不需要补充弹药。射击和消灭敌人。 Americanknow American rail gun failed. The budget was cut before completing the development. 美国电磁轨道炮失败了。在完成开发之前预算被削减了。 Kyajari Marma Wow amazing China PLA Love u OWEMING HINA,OWE U K yep Railgun first made in US and they are already in use in Sea hunter war ship. 轨道炮首先在美国制造,它们已经在海上猎人战舰上使用。 深作伪 Norm Liam US already abandon this rail gun project because of failure. 由于失败,美国已经放弃了这个电磁轨道炮项目。 PG TAN End is nigh for US throwing its weight around the globe especially SC Sea n Taiwan Straits ! 美国在全球,尤其是南海和台湾海峡的影响力即将结束! Du R China need more defenceshif then offensive. And technology weapons to use. 中国需要更多的防御而不是进攻。和技术武器来使用。 Americanknow The US needs to allocate more ASIAN engineers to make it work. You can't compete with D and F students. Chian is usign A students to design and make it work. 美国需要分配更多的亚洲工程师来使其工作。你不能与D和F学生竞争。Chian正在利用学生来设计和使其工作。 onepunch oldman Thousands of these defend south China sea !!!!! 成千上万的人捍卫南海!!!!! mikexhotmail All China needs to do is acting strong and force the US to spend more budget in to their military program which will result in more and more domestic issues such as healthcare, infrastructure, homeless , immigrant etc? 中国需要做的只是采取强硬行动,迫使美国在军事项目上花费更多预算,这将导致越来越多的国内问题,如医疗保健、基础设施、无家可归、移民等? Ioan Bota I like this powerful naval gun 我喜欢这种威力强大的舰炮 Ressica Dewali Wow super power China 哇超给力中国
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