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Mr C h i c k e n This is the matrix all over again. 这就是骇客帝国 Charles Vail Cons: every aspect of your life is controlled by an evil corporation. Pros: you get to wear your comfy sweatpants. 缺点。你生活的方方面面都被一个邪恶的公司控制。优点。你可以穿舒适的运动裤。 gigi bo does mark know that, in real life, we already have all the things he is giving us with meta without actually making him richer? 马克是否知道,在现实生活中,我们已经拥有了他在元数据中给我们的所有东西,而实际上并没有让他变得更富有? Dr. Nick Zyrowski How bizarre. Who would want to give this guy more control of their life? 太奇怪了。谁愿意让这个家伙更多地控制自己的生活? Evoco This guy wants us all to transition to his metaverse so he can feel like he's a GOD because he'll be the one in charge of it! This guy started out on msn chat rooms and well being incharge of this metaverse is like having the ultimate gold hammer! 这家伙希望我们所有人都过渡到他的 Metaverse,这样他就可以觉得自己是上帝,因为他将成为负责它的人! dan abe This makes me want to interact with the real universe and world even more. 这让我更想与真实的宇宙和世界互动。 Charlie Didn’t realize how weird Zucker was until now. 直到现在才意识到祖克有多奇怪。 Joel Thompson The logo is literally a loop. An infinite loop that you can't escape once in. 这logo实际上是一个循环。一旦进入就无法逃脱的无限循环。 LactoseTheIntolerant The good news is in the "metaverse", maybe Mark can finally download himself a set of eyebrows. 好消息是在“元宇宙”中,也许马克终于可以为自己下载一套眉毛了。 lybical_ua This is litterally Black Mirror. I don’t like where this is going. 这简直是​​黑镜。,我不喜欢这个地方。 UgLy.aSbEsToS so basically Mark wants to create his own ideal reality where he controls everything? yeah, something about this seems a bit weird lol 所以基本上马克想创造他自己的理想现实,在那里他可以控制一切。是的,这似乎有点奇怪,哈哈 Yora Va This is so sad that it literally makes me depressed just by watching it. I recently quited Facebook and Instagram, and have no regrets at all. It feels so good to live a normal life. Even though this is sad,one thing that makes me happy is to see that most people that are commenting are against this madness. So happy to see that we are still being sane in such a f*ed up world. 这太悲伤了,光是看它就真的让我感到沮丧。,我最近退出了 Facebook 和 Instagram,一点也不后悔。过正常人的生活感觉真好。 Connor Lindsay This is absolutely terrifying. Neglect of the physical world will inevitably result in neglect of our most basic primal needs as human beings. Sunlight, exercise and human to human physical relationships are vital components in what makes us, us. Without sounding too ominous I think this leads to a dark place. There's a reason depression and suicide rates have been climbing steadily. People lived harder lives centuries ago than we do now, yet were they less happy? I can't help but see a ready player one scenario playing out, but with more dire consequences. 这绝对是可怕的。对物质世界的忽视将不可避免地导致我们作为人类最基本的原始需求被忽视。阳光、锻炼和人与人之间的身体关系是使我们成为我们的重要组成部分。我认为不会听起来太不祥 Archaic Sage Wow, these people don't just want to control your reality, they want to create it... This is probably the most disturbing thing I wished would never become true. Don't get me wrong, 20 years ago I would have been all for it... That is, until I realized that it wasn't being developed to benefit mankind, that it was always the product if a deeply disturbed agenda. 哇,这些人不只是想控制你的现实,他们想创造它......,这可能是我希望永远不会成为现实的最令人不安的事情。 Nadege Bordier imagine how depressing it would be to celebrate your birthday with VR with a virtual cake and friends and then you take off your VR headset and realise you're actually all alone ... 想象一下,用虚拟蛋糕和朋友一起用 VR 庆祝你的​​生日,然后你摘下你的 VR 耳机并意识到你实际上是一个人是多么令人沮丧...... Nick Haldin “We are still the company that steals your data, then sells it to the highest bidder. That has never changed, and never will. We just hope you forget about all the terrible things we have done because we changed the name” “我们仍然是窃取您数据的公司,然后将其出售给出价最高的人。这从未改变,也永远不会改变。我们只希望您忘记我们所做的所有可怕的事情,因为我们更名了” Mrs park "The metaverse is amazing!"(casually licks eyeball) Darnell Major This guy is LITERALLY killing people's charisma with this Facebook/Metaverse app but yet individuals are too dense to even see that because their main priority is to receive attention for a whole bunch of nothing like good grief! 这家伙真的用这个 Facebook/Metaverse 应用程序扼杀了人们的魅力,但人们太密集了,甚至无法看到这一点,因为他们的主要优先事项是为了一大堆像悲伤之类的东西而受到关注! Claire Conover I’ve never seen facebook “bring people together”. what I do see, is facebook making people careless, antisocial and widening division. even this creep bought an entire neighborhood block to avoid seeing his neighbors. 我从来没有见过 facebook “把人们聚集在一起”。我所看到的是,facebook 让人们粗心大意,反社会和扩大分歧。即使这个小鬼买了整个街区来避免看到他的邻居。 C0nchis The more I know about Metaverse, the more I want to move to a house in a tiny village. 我对元界了解得越多,就越想搬到一个小村庄里的房子里。 LA Spinner For once, I'd like to see companies invest their billions into solving REAL world problems like homelessness, racial injustice, intolerance and violence. The list goes on. 这一次,我希望看到公司投入数十亿美元来解决现实世界中的问题,例如无家可归、种族不公正、不容忍和暴力。这个例子不胜枚举。 Daniel Druwe Araujo O progresso é inevitável. Trará novas “capabilidades” e aperfeiçoará as existentes. Mas também atrofiará outras e também atributos humanos importantes. Já vemos isso acontecer hoje. O mais crítico é o poder que permitimos concentrar em uma ou poucas empresas, com conhecimentos íntimos de cada um e domínio de ferramentas. A ética sobre isso está cada vez mais atrasada e já pagamos um preço alto por isso. É excitante mas também altamente preocupante. 进步是不可避免的。它会带来新的“能力”并增强现有的能力。但它也会萎缩他人和重要的人类属性。我们今天看到这种情况。每个人都掌握了工具。这方面的伦理更落后,我们已经为此付出了高昂的代价,令人兴奋,但也令人担忧。 TIOLI You know Zuck definitely had some training before filming to teach him how to move his hands to seem more human and trustworthy. The result is that this seems like the most unnatural movement ever... (4:49 / 9:43) 你知道扎克在拍摄前肯定接受过一些训练,教他如何移动他的手,让他看起来更人性化和更可靠。结果这似乎是有史以来最不自然的动作......(4:49 / 9:43) Vaco Vaco As you can see, Mark is showing of his newest software update. The best new feature is the hands movement. I love how realistic he moves them 正如你所看到的,Mark 展示了他最新的软件更新。最好的新功能是手部运动。我喜欢他移动它们的真实感 random citizen This looks exactly what 'dark future' sci-fi movies warn us about every year. 这看起来正是“黑暗的未来”科幻电影每年警告我们的。 Joe ANDREWS Welp can't wait to tell my kids what the "real world" was like Welp 迫不及待地想告诉我的孩子们“现实世界”是什么样的 Cradle of Anal 1:40 Zucker: "I thought I supposed to be the robot" no man.. you are the Lizard.. and you know it.. 1:40 Zucker。“我以为我应该是机器人”,没有人......你是蜥蜴......你知道...... NoVa Art As Code LoVe NOT my ideal enhanced reality or how I chose to live my organic life ~ fun for a game at the arcade NOT in my LIVING room!! Did anybody else notice Mark already looks moves & speaks like an Avatar ?? 不是我理想的增强现实或我如何选择过我的有机生活〜在街机游戏中玩游戏而不是在我的客厅里玩!有没有其他人注意到马克已经看起来像阿凡达一样移动和说话?? Liberty Pastor "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Makes me want to ditch my phone, much less participate in this zombie world! “起初上帝创造了天地。”,让我想扔掉手机,更不想参与这个僵尸世界! Eric Decamps They updated his body language software. He almost moves his arms and his head like a real human. Good job, team! 他们更新了他的肢体语言软件。他几乎像真人一样移动手臂和头部。干得好,团队!
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