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Even though I think the ccp is way too restrictive in many ways, them disciplining celebrities is definitely seen as something positive in my eyes. US celebrities nowadays think they’re above the law and can do whatever they want and use money to make their problems go away 虽然我觉得中G在很多方面限制得太严了,但在我看来,他们惩戒名人绝对是积极的事情。现在的美国名人认为他们凌驾于法律之上,可以为所欲为,用钱来解决问题 Hiyuke La Vie I don't understand why did they have to quarrel in public if they have already agreed on a divorce? Also, it sounds like she's been preparing and planning for this "exposé" for a long time, judging by how detailed and well constructed her accusations were, complete with all the necessary evidence to back her up. She must have spent a long time collecting and arranging all her evidence/"ammo" 不明白既然已经同意离婚,为什么还要当众吵架呢?,还有,这次的“曝光”,看她做的细致,做的好,好像早就准备和策划了 她的指控是完整的,并提供了所有必要的证据来支持她。她一定花了很长时间收集和整理她的所有证据 Once Madeline Finally China and Taiwan agree on a common topic and it's celebrity drama 大陆和台湾终于就一个共同话题达成一致,那就是八卦 Lieuso This shows us one of the problems of love. When u quarrel with your partner you shouldn't tell anyone instead you should deal with it with your partner and your partner only. 这向我们展示了爱情的一个问题。当你和你的伴侣吵架时,你不应该告诉任何人,你应该只和你的伴侣处理。 Martin Wu celebrities are no different than everyone else. 名人与其他人没有什么不同。 Zhong Xina Western celebrity breakup: We would like to keep it private Asian breakup: *Proceeds to write a light novel about every bad thing you could think of* 西方名人分手。我们想保密,亚洲分手。*继续写一部关于你能想到的每件坏事的轻小说* RMDC Imagine if that restriction was imposed in Hollywood. I doubt there will be any celebrity left 想象一下,如果在好莱坞施加这种限制。我怀疑还会有名人留下 Jeric Lester well, what i like in a democratic system/country is that the government has no business minding personal issues of non government employees… 好吧,我喜欢在民主国家中,政府不关心非政府雇员的个人问题…… Dre Amer I still feel very sad about Zhang Zhehan.. 对张哲瀚还是挺心疼的。。 Leminion At least CPC says the right thing 至少 CPC 说的是对的 Hhydar I don't know them but i think a state should ever interfere into the personal matters of any individual. No one is perfect. Every person makes mistakes in their lifetime. This idea of be best and perfect is well suited for machines and robots not the humans. 我不认识他们,但我认为一个国家永远不应该干涉任何个人的私事。人无完人。每个人一生中都会犯错误。这种做到最好和完美的理念适合机器人,而不是人类。 God-Level System "If these stars do not discipline themselves, they will not be respected by others. They will eventually pay for their evil doings." . We Agree, The Life of the Celebrity should be clear and clean because they are "Res Publica". They contribute a lot on modern society. “如果这些明星不自律,就不会得到别人的尊重。他们最终会为自己的恶行付出代价。”,.,我们同意,名人的生活应该清晰干净,因为他们是“Res Publica” .他们对现代社会贡献良多。 Vienna Ong Since you have used the fame given to you by the public to get great wealth, you should be responsible to the public community. You have to be disciplined in your behaviour, because a lot of your wealth comes from immature teenagers, and besides, this is an oriental society and you have to know the manners of an oriental society. 既然你利用公众给你的名气获得了巨大的财富,你就应该对公众负责。你必须在行为上自律,因为你的很多财富来自未成熟的青少年,此外,这 是一个东方社会,你必须了解东方社会的礼仪。 Pure mind静心净心 Prostitution is very wrongful. He has handsome face but strong desire He will be normal human beings in the future Brother please live responsibly to your children 卖淫是很不道德的,他长着俊俏的脸庞,但他的欲望很强,他将来会做正常的人,兄弟请对你的孩子负责任地生活 Babyfarts The government warning sounds surreal like from 1984, gives me the creeps 政府警告听起来像是 1984 年的超现实主义,让我毛骨悚然 SpiritualBabe101 At least they are taking measures to conduct themselves in proper manner in front of the world. What is everyone else doing? That's drama. 至少他们正在采取措施在世界面前以正确的方式行事。其他人都在做什么。那是戏剧性的。 David Tan I think anyone whether is celebrity have each on way of dealing problem so nobody is perfect especially when it comes with emotions so mind our business they simply a human beings having trials in life. 我认为任何人,无论是名人,都有处理问题的方式,所以没有人是完美的,特别是当它有情感的时候,所以关心我们自己的事,他们只是一个在生活中经历考验的人。 avraham vidal If Celebrities Do The Same Thing In Mainland They Will Be In Huge Trouble 如果名人在大陆做同样的事情,他们将陷入巨大的麻烦 DTK1A_Hazim Bin Masri Imagine involving political issues in a divorce issues. 想象一下在离婚问题中涉及政治问题。 Fanny Choo Too many seductions nowadays that is why relationships do not last 如今的诱惑太多,这就是为什么关系不会持久 Toon Armies Definitely wrong channel to address their issues. This is so wrong. 解决他们问题的渠道肯定是错误的。这太错误了。 Lee Jian Yong We living in the day and age one time mistake cause many problem. This is the day we are living. They Supppoose To learn how to forgive it would be better. 我们生活在这个时代,一次错误会导致许多问题。这就是我们生活的日子。他们认为学会如何原谅它会更好。 Jean Bon Divorce can happen to anyone, also leaders of Communist Party. And divorce is something never easy for anyone which should be private 离婚可以发生在任何人身上,包括共**人。离婚对任何人来说都不是一件容易的事,应该是私密的 Vikraman In every fight girls find a reason to win as they always act like a victim 在每一场战斗中,女孩都能找到获胜的理由,因为她们总是像受害者 Andy Yong Yew Kuan Well, I think Asians are use to such controversial type of news and treat news like these as more of a gossip. Nothing new, nobody perfect and to expect perfection is only being misguided. Fans might even end up feeling happy because he is single again! 嗯,我认为亚洲人已经习惯了这种有争议的新闻,并把这样的新闻当作一种八卦。没有什么新鲜的,没有人完美,期望完美只是被误导了。粉丝们甚至可能会感到高兴,因为他又是单身了。
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