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JASON CHEN This movie has deep messages in almost every line. I love how they made the conversations fast and intense. It's just so inspiring. 这部电影几乎每一行都有深刻的信息。我喜欢他们如何使对话快速而激烈。 GamE FrEak its a great film. you must watch this. for me its a definitely 9 out of 10 这是一部很棒的电影。,你必须看这个。对我来说,这绝对是 10 分中的 9 分 Yuxuan Cui This is a movie about revolutionists and idealists. The movie basically reflects the whole process of the Chinese revolution. 这是一部关于革命者和理想主义者的电影。电影基本上反映了中国革命的全过程。 AverageO It has Chow Yun Fat with a gun so I'm probably going to watch it. 周润发拿着枪,所以我可能会去看。 Rafael This movie is incredible. All i could say after the end with a mesmerized voice was incredible! 这部电影太棒了。结束后我只能用迷人的声音说太棒了! WINTER GAMER It's been a long time since I've seen Chow Yun-Fat with two handguns again! :D 好久没看到周润发拿着两把手枪了。:D dio arya Glad to see Chow Yun Fat goes dual-wield guns akimbo again since the John Woo times back in 80s 很高兴看到周润发自 80 年代吴宇森时代以来再次双持枪 Andox333 Oh my gosh! I wanna watch this movie! It seems really fun and cool! 天哪,我想看这部电影。看起来真的很有趣很酷! SharksInTheGenePool The Good, the Bad, The Weird is the best action movie I've seen in years. 是我这些年来看过的最好的动作片。 petercat05 one of the best chinese movies. 最好的中国电影之一。 Katana Tamar Looks awesome! :D 看起来棒极了。:D Tom Ecarma i really love him to use two guns again!! 我真的很喜欢他又用两把枪!! cobgab Chow Yun-Fat is one of the best actors alive,i still cant forget the first time i watched hard boiled and the killer amazing movies. 周润发是当今最好的演员之一,我仍然无法忘记我第一次看硬核和杀手级的惊人电影。 dragonize This is Jiang Wen's movie. He is so cool. 这是姜文的电影,他太酷了。 Kame L I seen Chow in the title first... then thought it said let the bullet fry... and thought about it. Looked at it again and started laughing. 我首先看到标题中的周...然后以为它说让子弹炸...然后想了想。再次看它开始笑。 NiXquisite I've watched it already. This is good. No kidding. 我已经看过了。这很好。不开玩笑。 Godzilla52 Great to see Chow Yun Fat in another good Chinese action movie, always wished him and John Woo would team up to do another action film, Woos been doing to many American films with lousy screenplays, the films that he writes himself are much better. 很高兴看到周润发又拍了一部好的中国动作片,一直希望他和吴宇森再合作拍一部动作片,吴宇森做过很多美国电影的烂剧本,他自己写的电影好多了。 BobWesker Expendables 3 needs him! 敢死队3需要他! tom Smith This film is a metaphor for the Chinese revolution, which implies that the revolutionary group led by Mao Zedong fought against the oppressive forces of the people, but in the end Mao Zedong's partners betrayed the revolution. Of course, this movie can also reflect many realities, such as charity, rich people falsely donate money to defraud ordinary people to donate money, and finally the rich people's money is returned, and the poor people's money also goes into the rich people's wallet 这部电影是对中国革命的一个比喻,暗示了毛泽东领导的革命集团与人民的压迫进行了斗争,但最终毛泽东的伙伴背叛了革命。当然,这部电影也可以反映很多现实 Leon Heart Intelligent western movie, the best of the decade. 智能西部片,十年之最。 virnowi love this film so meaningful 喜欢这部电影很有意义 IMPc For those who doesn’t understand the hidden messages behind the movies( there are actually so many of them and if you are not Chinese it’s extremely difficult to understand), this is a pretty good popcorn movie. For those who do understand the hidden messages, this is a great popcorn movie with ideals and morals within it. 对于那些不了解电影背后隐藏信息的人(实际上有很多,如果你不是中国人,这很难理解),这是一部非常好的爆米花电影。对于那些了解隐藏信息的人 Laura Macias I'll watch this movie just because I LOVE Chow Yun-Fat! xoxo 我会看这部电影只是因为我爱周润发.xoxo I ce Excellent movie all around. Thank God they didn't dub it. 到处都是优秀的电影。谢天谢地,他们没有配音。 Happy Fuzzy This was a killer movie!!! 这是一部杀人电影!!! Rashad Ligon Damn Chow yun fat still got the edge, he should fit with the expenables. 该死的周润发还是占了上风,他应该能吃得消。 Jamal Mathelier damn, chow fun sure does laff a lot in this movie lmao 该死的,周有趣肯定会在这部电影中拉夫很多lmao denglinzhiniao In the era of the Northern Warlords,The Japanese sword was common in China 北洋军阀时代,日本刀剑在中国很普遍 Happy Fuzzy Watched it about a month ago. You all MUST see this. 大约一个月前看过。你们都必须看到这个。 Thisismyrifle it's a black comedy, it was based on the chaos after china revolution. 这是一部黑色喜剧,取材于中国革命后的混乱。 hernan benites cuando lo senala! q buena parte! 当他指出时,这是多么好的部分啊! lonewolftony Chow Yun Fat should have be in The Expendables 2!!!! 周润发应该出现在敢死队2!!! guoda1988 best chinese movie ever 有史以来最好的中国电影 Jeremih horse with train represents Marxism and Leninism coz they have similar pronunciation in Chinese, this is a movie aiming at criticizing capitalisation in Chinese society. 马与火车代表马克思列宁主义,因为它们在中文中的发音相似,这是一部旨在批评中国社会资本化的电影。 ntranced2000 Gotta say... This movie was awesome! As long as you don't take it too serious you'll enjoy it. Pretty funny and you gotta love the dual gun action. By any chance does anyone know the song(0:20) in this trailer? 不得不说......这部电影很棒。只要你不把它看得太严重,你就会喜欢它。很有趣,你一定会喜欢双枪动作。有没有人知道这首歌(0:20 nemo9xiphos Chow Yun Fat- HAS to be good 周润发-必须要好 Eugene. L wow isnt this an old film? lol they're just adding subtitles and that took em like a year 哇,这不是一部老电影。哈哈,他们只是加了字幕,花了一年时间 U-Peng Lei the is one of my favorite movies. the usa trailer's background music simply ruined it -- it doesn't fit the movie at all. the original music is much better - by Joe Hisaishi 久石譲 我最喜欢的电影之一。美国预告片的背景音乐简直毁了它——它根本不适合电影。原版音乐好多了——久石譲乔久石譲
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