相爱相杀16年 马龙与波尔

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Nautica7084 Boll was down 3:1 sets and soared it to 4:3. Incredible fight 波尔以 3:1 的比分落后追到至 4:3。令人难以置信的战斗 GamerSoul Boll is incredibley clever player and does a lot of variations in his service and returns. While Ma long plays with extreme speed and power. 波尔是一位令人难以置信的聪明球员,他的发球和回球有很多变化。而马长则以极快的速度和力量打球。 Pete Ma is little bit faster and has better forehand. If it was only for the technique he would have won. But it's not. When the end comes closer, nerves start to affect the game and then it's all about how you can concentrate only on the game and forget about the points. In this stage experience is what matters the most. 马龙快一点,正手更好。如果只是技术他会赢。但事实并非如此。当比赛接近尾声时,精神开始影响比赛,然后就是你如何只专注于 游戏而忘记积分。在这个阶段经验是最重要的。 Kleavers This sport is absolutely mental. 这项运动绝对是精神上的。 Christoph Eßer My biggest respect to both players…absolutely stunning!!! And congratulations to Timo Boll!!! 我对两位球员最大的敬意......绝对令人惊叹!!.,祝贺蒂莫·波尔!!! ajit bhale Greatest match ever....Unbelievable display by Timo Bol...Hats off and best wishes 有史以来最伟大的比赛。令人难以置信的展示。致敬致敬,祝福 Emin Inson Aliev I really enjoyed watchin' this Match! Amazing performance! Thank You Ma Long and Thank You Timo Boll ! 我真的很喜欢看这场比赛。惊人的表现。谢谢马龙,谢谢蒂莫波尔! 新新朱 The only man who can beat the Chinese 唯一能打败中国人的人 Khaled Federer Timo’s backhand is just a killer, usually in tennis games u avoid ur opponent forhand, but when it’s boll u have to avoid his backhand, i’ve never seen a wonderful backhand technique as his. 蒂莫的反手简直就是杀手锏,一般网球比赛中你正手避开对手,但到了比赛的时候你必须避开他的反手,我从来没有见过像他这样出色的反手技术。 Luca Ingenhaag Timo Boll ist eine Legende 蒂莫波尔是一个传奇 SUPERBOY PRIME Ma Long vs Timo Boll é a melhor rivalidade do tênis de mesa. Muito bom! 马龙vs蒂莫波尔是最好的乒乓球对决。非常好! Skulduggery Pleasant i knew how this game was ending vut it was still thrilling and one of the best matches ive ever seen 我知道这场比赛是如何结束的,但它仍然令人兴奋,是我见过的最好的比赛之一 Wcranee Unbeliveable performance from Timo! the fast counters close the table, thats the only way how can counter heavy and fast top spins from chinese players! that was very exited to see!! in his age have so strong reflexes! Timo is very clever player and he surprise Ma Long with so many shots in this match:) Good performance from both of them but i think Timo deserve this win:) i love both of them by the way :) Wp Timo! #germanylegend 蒂莫令人难以置信的表现。这是唯一可以对抗中国玩家沉重和快速的上旋的方法。看到这一点非常兴奋!在他这个时代有如此强烈的反应。蒂莫是非常聪明的球员,而且 他在这场比赛中以如此多的射门让马龙感到惊讶:)他们俩的表现都很好,但我认为蒂莫应该赢得这场胜利:)顺便说一句,我爱他们两个: DimaKats2 I think that ML gets nervous against TB and makes so many mistakes that usually doesn't. Nonetheless, great match from both! 我认为马龙对波尔感到紧张,并且犯了很多通常不会犯的错误。尽管如此,两者都很棒! Minh Nguyen Timo Boll. Won against Ma Lin. And won against Ma Long. Living legend! 蒂莫波尔。赢了马琳。赢了马龙。活着的传奇! Imtiaz Mahmood A battle of tactics, that's how ma long lost his usual style, timo was so cool to adapt and make variations making his posture deceptive. Such a great match worth watching for learning tactics. 战术的较量,马龙早就失去了一贯的作风,蒂莫的适应能力和变化都非常酷,让他的姿势具有欺骗性。如此出色的比赛值得学习战术。 Paul Bismuth Imagine beating the 2 chinese including Ma Long with phenomenal comebacks, reaching the final and loosing to your team mate. I was guted for Timo. 想象一下以惊人的逆转击败包括马龙在内的 2 名中国人,进入决赛并输给了你的队友。我为 Timo 感到沮丧。 wotan loge "He's young and strong but with age comes wisdom" Timo bol “他年轻而强壮​​,但随着年龄增长智慧”,蒂莫波尔 Nico Dürr Timo truly became the master of tactics and anticipation & with these weapons he won this match. He doesn't have the speed, footwork & power of these chinese players. The moment they see through his gameplan and are able to adapt correctly, they win most of the time. I don't think mental strength matters so much in these close matches, they all got it on this level. If one would break down mentally he would clearly lose the match 蒂莫凭借这些武器真正成为了战术大师和期待他赢得了这场比赛。他没有这些中国球员的速度和步法。一旦他们看透了他的比赛计划并能够正确适应,他们就赢得了大部分 时间。我认为在这些近距离比赛中精神力量没有那么重要,他们都在这个水平上得到了它。如果一个人精神崩溃,他显然会输掉比赛 Limon Lemon Timo Boll can generate lots of variations on his serves ,returns and shots that affect Ma Long's attention .On The other hand Ma Long is faster and consistent player .Timo Boll is only living legends who can defeat Chinese 波尔可以在他的发球,回防和扣杀上产生很多变化,影响马龙的注意力。另一方面,马龙是更快和稳定的球员。蒂莫波尔是唯一可以击败中国人的传奇人物 Alec Leyner Timo Boll is known for his comebacks 蒂莫波尔以他的复出而闻名 Алексей Исаков Я болел за Тимо, у меня у одного руки вспотели?! 我在支持蒂莫,我的手在出汗?! Gabe G This match was so amazing, I come back to every now and again 这场比赛太精彩了,我时不时回来 Eloi Mumford Timo never gives up ...titanium mind. Ma Long a great adversary. Thanks for sharing. 蒂莫从不放弃。马龙是一个伟大的对手。谢谢分享。 Sash TheFlash Ein weiterer Abend an dem die Legende Geschichte schrieb... unfassbar Nervenstarkes Spiel!! 另一个传奇创造历史的夜晚......令人难以置信的伤脑筋游戏! Samir Halder Ma Long seems not in his normal form... Good play by Timo Boll. 马龙的状态似乎不太正常……,蒂莫·波尔好球。 Can Dogancan Boll is a living legend. period. 波尔是一个活生生的传奇人物。 Henry Tan I thought Malong would win ad usual, but Timo what a great performance! 我以为马龙会像往常一样赢得比赛,但是蒂莫的表现真是太棒了! Shubham Mohapatra 158 Refreshing to see Ma Long losing to someone... 看到马龙输了,真稀奇…… Rajat Garg That guy..Ma Long is one of the strongest and coolest mind under hyper pressure I have ever seen. 那个家伙..马龙是我见过的高压下最强大,最酷的头脑之一。 Danvil What a great match by two champions! 两位冠军的比赛多么精彩! Дмитрий Диман Красиво, прекрасно, замечательно! 漂亮,美妙,美妙! Saurav Garg Great comeback Shocked After 3:1 It is 3:4 大逆转,震惊,3:1后,是3:4 Swapnendu & Sunburnt Siblings One of the best matches in TT history. 乒乓史上最好的比赛之一。 Markus Maier His honesty should be a role model for us 他的诚实应该成为我们的榜样 George Basham I'm beginning to get the impression these two are fairly decent table tennis players. 我开始觉得这两个是相当不错的乒乓球运动员。
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