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fondoo im very disappointed in the mid spec that it didnt include a kitchen and a laundry room 我对中间规格很失望,它没有包括厨房和洗衣房 O No Plot twist: The guy credited for designing this car also worked for Rockstar designing GTA cars 情节扭曲。设计这辆车的家伙也为Rockstar设计GTA汽车工作 Ben Bowland I really like the exterior design. Also a pleasant surprise to see Logic reviewing cars 我真的很喜欢外观设计。看到逻辑审查车也是一个惊喜 Engineerated It’s a cross between Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Maybach, and surprisingly Honda Civic. 它是劳斯莱斯、凯迪拉克、迈巴赫和令人惊讶的本田思域之间的交叉。 Alber. A Looks good. Though it would be interesting to check its reliability after some time as well. That’s as much important premium-wise as the looks 看起来不错。不过一段时间后检查它的可靠性也很有趣。这和外观一样重要 FC STAR i didnt know logic started reviewing cars 我不知道逻辑开始审查汽车 Jay Gucker Live in Shanghai and these are my favorite ubers to call right now. Pay a 35% premium roughly but being really tall it’s well worth it for the ample leg room. 住在上海,这些是我现在最喜欢打电话的优步。大约支付35%的溢价,但真的很高,为了足够的腿部空间,这是非常值得的。 Lord Lee Good review. The key point to keep in mind is that this car is for the domestic market. If it sells well inside China, then it’s a success. 不错的评价。要记住的关键点是,这款车是面向国内市场的。如果它在中国卖得好,那么它就是成功的。 Plumtastic That is a beautiful car with an attractive price starting at $45,000. I'd get it if they sell it overseas lol 那是一辆漂亮的车,起价4.5万美元。如果他们把它卖到海外,我会买的。哈哈 DanielVia 1 Love Love Love the Synthwave!!!!! Well Done!! 爱爱爱的合成波!!!!.干得好!! Benjamin Smith I don't think it looks like anything, It looks pretty good to me. It also has a lot of unique and fairly daring touches. 我不认为它看起来像什么,对我来说它看起来很好。它也有很多独特的和相当大胆的触摸。 Vijay Devan Does that colour not resemble a Cadbury wrapper and gold foil? 那颜色不像吉百利包装纸和金箔吗? ZZZ1368 When the human brains encounters something new, it always tries to place that thing in relation to more familiar objects. Like the "marsupial lion!". In time the new thing will become a point of reference itself. 当人类的大脑遇到新事物时,它总是试图把它与更熟悉的物体联系起来。比如“有袋狮”。随着时间的推移,新事物本身就会成为一个参照点。 Rick Bullock I think it looks pretty nice. I was expecting a turbocharged V8 under the hood though and a way higher price tag. The horsepower numbers are very similar to my own Terrain with a turbo 2.0 litre and 252 horses and 260 ft/lbs of torque. 我认为它看起来很不错。不过,我预计引擎盖下会有涡轮增压V8,价格会高得多。马力数字与我自己的地形非常相似,涡轮增压2.0升,252匹马,260英尺/磅的扭矩。 David Stephen The design reminds me of that famous Simpsons episode where Homer bankrupts his brothers company. 这个设计让我想起了《辛普森一家》中著名的一集,荷马让他兄弟的公司破产。 Jae kamacho Looks like they went the GTA V route when making this "luxury car" 看起来他们在做这辆“豪车”的时候走的是GTA V路线 KickAssGarage We need to remind you to signal when your mission is complete and you are free to flee. Your actual review will appear later as was previously agreed. The party thanks you for your loyal support. We have awarded bonuses to your social score in advance. 我们需要提醒你,当你的任务完成,你可以自由逃离时,请发出信号。你的实际审查将在晚些时候出现,就像以前同意的那样。党感谢你的忠诚支持。我们已经提前给你的社会分数发放了奖金。 Raj Gill Nicr as any car is, Id still want to drive it myself. My dad used to have a mint lexus ls430 with the ultra luxury package, Id drive him around in the back haha 我爸爸以前有一辆超豪华的薄荷雷克萨斯ls430,我开着他在后面转转哈哈 William Brasky First time coming across your channel. Definitely unique and solid on quality. One nit-picking thing I can't brush aside is your driving position. You are much, much too close to the wheel. Not only will driving like that considerably handicap you in any situation demanding precise car control, it will also present a much higher risk of injury from airbag deployment. Take it from me. As a novice race car driver (amateur), a wiser participant pointed out a similar issue with my driving position. Though it took a bit to adjust, after getting comfortable the difference was night and day. 第一次穿越你的通道。在质量上绝对是独特和坚实的。有一件事我不能忽视,那就是你的驾驶位置。你离方向盘太近了。这样驾驶不仅会在任何要求精确控制汽车的情况下大大妨碍你,还会带来更高的安全气囊受伤风险。从我这里说起。作为一名新手赛车手(业余),一名更明智的参与者指出了我驾驶位置的类似问题。虽然需要一点调整,但在变得舒适后,差异是昼夜的。 Mark David Great review mate. I find myself wanting one of these. I've been driving my Mercedes W124 E280 for too long. 很棒的评论。我发现自己想要一个。我开我的奔驰W124 E280太久了。 R CC The rear styling seems to be lifted of the old, original Maybach. 后面的造型似乎是解除旧的,原始迈巴赫。 The Car Data Vault The new Lincoln Continental looks nice RS in and out. With the 3.0 V6 turbo even better. 新的林肯大陆看起来很好的RS进进出出。与3.0V6涡轮增压更好。 A Huang Hongqi always have this kind of front grill, starting from the ones Mao stood to parade ages ago. It's just a reminisce of their past style. 红旗总是有这种前架,从几年前毛泽东站着游行的那几架开始,只是对他们过去风格的追忆。 Aneta Johnson As an artist, with an artists point of view, this is the most beautifull designed car iv seen in a long time! Even the interior is fantastic. your right, it was influenced by th Rolls. Would i by one? what about parts and labor? Japan heads up on this car Realiability remaines to be seen! 1 作为一个艺术家,从艺术家的角度来看,这是很长一段时间以来看到的设计最漂亮的车。甚至内饰也很棒。你的权利,它受到了th罗尔的影响。我会受到一个吗?零件和工人呢。日本在这辆车上领先,可实现性有待观察。 RedInTheSky "Speaking of the rear, I have the feeling it's going to be the source of some controversy" Words to live by “说到后方,我有一种感觉,这将是一些争议的来源”,这是生活的原话 Jivko Vasilev i would 100% drive this daily, simply cuz noone else in my country is going to have one lol 我会每天开100%的车,只是因为在我的国家没有人会有一个lol ferrarif50sport Was kind of rolling my eyes the whole time until I found out the price. 45k is a steal for what it is. Badass car. 我一直在翻白眼,直到我发现了价格。45K是一个偷东西的东西。糟糕的车。 lxr It’s a pretty good looking sedan. 这是一辆相当好看的轿车。 Gary UK Stumbled across this video after looking at Mercedes videos. Taking the actual review of the car out of it, I really enjoyed the delivery of the review. Professional, really well structured and some humour to boot. Excellent. 在看了梅赛德斯的视频后,我偶然发现了这段视频。除了对汽车的实际审查之外,我真的很喜欢审查的交付。专业,结构非常好,还有些幽默。很好。 Subaru Rescue 0:43 I can see the orange peel in the paint. I gotta hand it to the Chinese though. They figured out that if you shape metal, plastic, and leather into the shape of something associated with high quality, someone will buy it. 0:43我可以看到画上的橘子皮。我得把它交给中国人。他们发现,如果你把金属、塑料和皮革做成高质量的东西,就会有人买。 livewoutlimit I just ordered one from Aliexpress. I'll post review when I receive it in 4 months. 我刚从AliExpress订购了一个。4个月后收到后我会发布评论。 Ian Yun Why do you sit up so close to the wheel? 你为什么坐得离方向盘这么近。 Callum That’s actually such a beautiful car ngl 那其实是一辆很漂亮的车ngl shanazirk I this car .... It has its own identity I️.这辆车....它有自己的身份 Maximilian L For real... I love the style. 说真的...我喜欢这种风格。 Gregg lapukenn Damn...it looks like the person who designed the front had a disagreement with the person who designed the back. 该死的...看起来设计前面的人和设计后面的人意见不一致。 Dave Manning A supercharged V6 with less grunt than my Toyota 4Runner with an NA engine designed over a decade ago. 一辆增压的V6,比我的丰田4Runner少咕噜声,配备了十多年前设计的NA发动机。 BONE I actually dig the look 我真的很喜欢你的表情 Steven Young There's so much going on. It's a seizure waiting to happen. 事情太多了。癫痫正在等着发生。 John Williams Finally came to me when he was driving. Ferris Bueller. Anyone, anyone. 最后在他开车的时候来找我。费里斯·布勒。,任何人,任何人。 Juan It would be interesting to see a review of a Buick sold in China 看看在中国销售的别克的评论会很有趣 Plastic Waffle That would look sick all blacked out with chrome accents and wheels. I think it's a great looking ride 那看起来很恶心,全被镀铬的口音和轮子涂黑了。我认为这是一辆很好看的车 HowItUsedToBe I have to say that if I had no knowledge of this brand and someone rolled by the first car company I see in the design is Lincoln .. much more prevalent than a Rolls, Mercedes or a Bimmer 我不得不说,如果我不知道这个品牌和有人滚动的第一个汽车公司我看到的设计是林肯..比罗尔斯,奔驰或比默更流行 Pipikaka Those items on Wish really got upgraded. Wish上的那些东西真的升级了。 Chris Wyatt The Red lighting strip along the bonnet (hood) is actually straight off the Tank Stalinu .... have a look .Joseph Stalin's wartime Zil limousine.Huge with more than a passing resemblance to the Presidential Cadillac "Beast" of today. 引擎盖(引擎盖)上的红色灯带实际上是直接从坦克斯大林....看看。约瑟夫·斯大林战时的齐尔豪华轿车。巨大的,与今天的总统凯迪拉克“野兽”有一点相似之处。 Mark Kandie It looks good despite all the design controversy surrounding it.. 它看起来不错,尽管围绕它的设计有争议… paul demontmorency I wonder what the compensation is for the reviewer. Also I wonder how long after you leave the dealer , the car falls apart. 我想知道审查员的赔偿是多少。我也想知道你离开经销商多久后,车就散架了。 datamek Performance figures about acceleration are impossible btw. 关于加速度的性能数字是不可能的。 210debashish Its blended to perfection. Looks quite good though. 它混合得很完美。不过看起来挺好的。
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