外国车评人如何看待五菱宏光MINI EV?

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五菱宏光MINI EV 2021款马卡龙版的上市,再次将这款纯电小车推上了舆论潮头,从2020年上市至今,针对宏光MINI EV的争论,从未停止过。对于汽车市场发展更早的欧美国家,是如何看待中国新兴的迷你电动小车呢?

jon mccormick Great for around town, college, deliveries. We need more cheaper cars like this. 很适合镇上、大学、送货。我们需要更便宜的车。 Cheng-Hao Wang When you get a electric car with $4,500, the commentary should more focus on what this car is to offer than what it does not have. 当你以4500美元买到一辆电动汽车时,评论应该更多地关注这辆车能提供什么,而不是它没有什么。 green dragon As an American, we need more cars like this here. Every single car now is all about being huge expensive and ultra luxurious. It's getting harder and harder to find a simple car. 作为美国人,我们这里需要更多这样的车。现在每一辆车都是超级昂贵和超豪华的。找到一辆简单的车越来越难了。 Ronald Canada Bad reviewer!!! It's like he is expecting so much for an electric car that is priced very cheap around $4,200 to $5,500... He is reviewing this car from a rich man"s point of view, not from an ordinary man's point of view... Well this car is the best selling EV in China for the past several months already... We can't argue with success 差评!!就好像他对一辆价格非常便宜的电动汽车期望很高,大约在 4,200 美元到 5,500 美元之间……他是从富人的角度而不是从普通人的角度来评论这辆车 peace World Even when it runs out of battery power on the road, I can try to carry it home with my two hands! The perfect car! 即使在路上电池电量耗尽时,我也可以尝试用两只手将其带回家。完美的汽车! Jon Wagner Florida 80 y/o. This would be perfect for us... almost 100% of our driving is within 10 miles of home. Longer trip? We'd rent a car. 佛罗里达州 80 岁。这对我们来说是完美的……我们几乎 100% 的驾驶都在离家 10 英里的范围内。长途旅行。我们会租一辆车。 Walter Black The fact that this is made by Wuling/GM means that it's no joke. It's seriously good, considering the price. 这是由五菱/通用汽车制造的事实意味着这不是开玩笑。考虑到价格,它非常好。 Emily Blade Is he actually reviewing a $4500 car or complaining about something that is more than $20000 - Weird revieewer. 他实际上是在审查一辆 4500 美元的汽车还是在抱怨超过 20000 美元的东西 - 奇怪的审稿人。 simone yahoo When car companies pushing you 50K, 100K, 1000K cars, all you need is just 5K car..... 当汽车公司向你推销 50K、100K、1000K 汽车时,你所需要的只是 5K 汽车...... Inyour Phace Good news. The 2021 edition Mini EV will come with airbags as an option! Also range is increased to 200km on a full charge. 好消息。2021 年版 Mini EV 将配备安全气囊作为选装配置。此外,充满电后的续航里程将增加至 200 公里。 J W this car could be perfect for Manhattan 这辆车可能非常适合曼哈顿 Pat Downs The Beetle sold tremendously well in the 50s and 60s in spite of having all the negatives you mention. The Beetle sold for about $1500 in the 50s. That's about $15k today. And this costs about $5k. Quite a bargain. 甲壳虫在 50 年代和 60 年代卖得非常好,尽管有你提到的所有负面因素。甲壳虫在 50 年代的售价约为 1500 美元。今天约为 1.5 万美元。这成本约为 5000 美元。非常划算。 Mayangone For a small couple in their 80s, it is a perfect car. We can use it to go food shopping and for doctor's appointment. 对于80多岁的小夫妻来说,简直就是一辆完美的车。我们可以用它去买菜,看病。 Ramón Rivera Love it! Forget Tesla. Stuff like this will revolutionize the electric car market 爱它。忘记特斯拉。这样的东西将彻底改变电动汽车市场 Driz Geo Reviewer: This has the most uncomfortable seats ive sat on. Worst this, worst that. Surprise! Surprise! You are reviewing a 4500 dollars car, dammit!!! 评论者。这是我坐过的最不舒服的座位。最糟糕的是这个,最糟糕的是。,惊喜。惊喜。你正在审查一辆 4500 美元的汽车,该死的!!! G Stephenson The fact this even has back seats is impressive. Lots of cargo room for one person. 这甚至有后座这一事实令人印象深刻。一个人有很多货舱。 Quantum Chang Great for retirees and students on a tight budget. This car will save a lot of money in the long run as long as your ego is small enough to fit into it. 非常适合预算紧张的退休人员和学生。从长远来看,只要您的自尊心足够小,这辆车就可以节省很多钱。 FUN FUN it's rear-engine and rear-wheel drive,It's basically a Porsche 它是后置引擎和后轮驱动,基本上是一辆保时捷 schrodinger's cattt When you buy a CAR for 4.5k, it's already an excellent deal as long as it can move. 当您以 4.5k 的价格购买 CAR 时,只要它可以移动就已经很划算了。 Letian Fang WuLing's slogon : BUILD THINGS FOR PEOPLE ! 五菱的口号 .BUILD THINGS FOR PEOPLE! ZL This is a city commuter car. Chinese people take high speed trains for long distance trips. 这是一辆城市通勤车。中国人乘坐高铁长途旅行。 neogator26 I love everything about it! 我爱它的一切! Lucas Rodmo This is the car that most people will ever need. Crazy times. 这是大多数人都需要的汽车。疯狂的时代。 Catalin Petrea It's amazing what offers for 4k! A truly smart car and covers the purpose for what cars are used the most; shot distances, one or two people in and groceries from local shops. Need more? Go and pay the price 4k 提供的功能令人惊叹。一款真正智能的汽车,涵盖了最常使用的汽车的用途; Caviar72 The review is hilarious. Should be enough for students and the elderly. 评论很搞笑。对于学生和老人来说应该足够了。 Asri Azmi At this price it would be perfect for developing countries that can't afford traditionally priced car 以这个价格,对于买不起传统定价汽车的发展中国家来说,这将是完美的选择 Yibo Wei They really should put pedals on it so when the battery is dead you can ride it on the bicycle lane 他们真的应该把踏板放在上面这样当电池没电时你可以在自行车道上骑 lil Jesse The watermelon This is cheaper then my laptop 这比我的笔记本电脑便宜 Adriana Aquino This car would be amazing for São Paulo in brazil. 这辆车对于巴西的圣保罗来说将是惊人的。 Nisha Li At the start he said he got a motorcycle with a roof, and then he complains about safety.... 一开始他说他有一辆带顶棚的摩托车,然后他抱怨安全…… Baron Brambeus “Park is the handbrake” Obviously you have never owned a manual transmission... “停车是手刹”,显然你从未拥有过手动变速器...... Sam J Love these small electric cars - we need more safe & compact ones in Australia. Currently, our cheapest model is around $34,000 USD (MG Motors ZS EV) - still far too expensive for the common man. This one is probably slightly too small for me but great inner city car 喜欢这些小型电动车 - 我们在澳大利亚需要更安全紧凑的电动车。目前,我们最便宜的车型约为 34,000 美元(MG Motors ZS EV) - 对于普通人来说仍然太贵了。这辆对我来说可能有点太小了 Phat Ta we need this in Canada....would be an excellent secondary vehicle or around town vehicle largely due to the cost of ownership compared to conventional vehicles and the lack of weather protection with ebikes/scooters 我们在加拿大需要这个......这将是一款出色的辅助车辆或城镇车辆,主要是由于与传统车辆相比的拥有成本以及电动自行车/踏板车缺乏天气保护 Alex Goh bro , with the price , what else are you asking for ? I think you are asking to much for this price . 兄弟,这个价格,你还要求什么。我想你对这个价格要求很高。 B B This is almost like the car that the guy bought for $31,000 thinking he was buying an electric supercar and ended up turning it into a Home Owner Association car. 这几乎就像那个人花 31,000 美元买的那辆车,以为他是在买一辆电动超级跑车,结果把它变成了房主协会的车。 Richard Gemelga You're expecting so much for a cheap car. Its simply a cute car. 你对一辆便宜的车寄予厚望。它只是一辆可爱的车。
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