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全线采用中国标准、连接中国云南昆明和老挝万象的中老铁路今天全线开通运营。不过受疫情防控影响,运营初期,除首发列车外,暂不开行昆明至磨憨的直达列车。 香港南华早报对此进行了报道,并把视频放到了youtube上,看看外国网友对此有何看法。

Hania Leo Congrats to China-Laos. I love the design of train stations. I would love to see all all the stations. 恭喜中老。我喜欢火车站的设计。我很想看看所有的车站。 Bobby Chang This is great! Railway is the future of efficient transportation on land. 这太棒了。铁路是陆上高效运输的未来。 時事中國 News from China Long live China-Laos friendship ມິດຕະພາບ​ຈີນ-ລາວ​ໝັ້ນ​ຄົງ​ຕະຫຼອດ​ໄປ 中老友谊万岁 ຈີນ 中老友谊天长地久 ngamreingam Sowungnao Congratulations to the people of Laos 恭喜老挝人民 Humans are Crazy being Beautiful train station, congratulations to both laos and china. Better to focus on infrastructure and economic, and I know the problem of being a landlocked country so this is one great step. Love from Arunachal Pradesh ️️ 美丽的火车站,祝贺老挝和中国。更好地关注基础设施和经济,我知道作为一个内陆国家的问题,所以这是一个伟大的一步。来自阿鲁纳恰尔邦的爱️️ Robot Combat Models Wow wow wow! That is a beautiful looking railway. Trust the Chinese to get it done quickly and to a high standard. Congrats from Scotland! ?????? 哇哦哇哦。这是一条看起来很漂亮的铁路。相信中国人会很快高标准地完成它。来自苏格兰的祝贺。 Dominic GD Beautiful! I'm rooting for China and its new Silk Road! Greetings from 美丽。我为中国和它的新丝绸之路加油。来自的问候 Graham ツ I would love to take this journey someday. Laos looks like such a beautiful country. I almost visited in 2016 but I can always plan a trip another time. 我很想有一天能踏上这段旅程。老挝看起来是一个如此美丽的国家。我几乎在 2016 年访问过,但我总是可以计划下次旅行。 Dragon52 My guess is tourism in the near future for Laos and Cambodia may increase with the completion of the HSR from Kunming. Unfortunately,, the last station is in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and not in Singapore. 我的猜测是,随着昆明高铁的建成,老挝和柬埔寨的旅游业在不久的将来可能会增加。不幸的是,最后一站是在马来西亚的新山,而不是在新加坡。 guy truth What a wonderful world Great China Great Laos 多么美妙的世界 大中国 大老挝 Jailace Nica Congrats to laos What a nice train Salute to China helping neighboring country for a better living 恭喜老挝,火车真好,向中国致敬,帮助邻国过上更好的生活 TheTechCguy COVID or no COVID, this railway is essential! For the economy that's always needed, man. 不管有没有 COVID,这条铁路都是必不可少的。对于总是需要的经济,伙计。 Sutisnaherdiansyah 777 Congrats to Laos, this is the first high speed train in Southeast Asia. 恭喜老挝,这是东南亚第一列高铁。 S C Wow, it's incredible! In 5 years, China built a thousand kilometers railway. In Canada, we've spent more than 10 years, haven't finished the first ring road in the city. 哇,太不可思议了。中国5年修了千公里铁路 Pibby Congrats Laos from Philippines 恭喜来自菲律宾的老挝, Cheng Yiq As a Malaysian, I cant wait till the line to extend to Malaysia 作为马来西亚人,我等不及要延长线到马来西亚了 Living in Shanghai So after completion of Thailand and Malaysian railway line one can travel from Kunming to Singapore by train. That's awesome. I am sold. 所以泰马铁路一号线建成后就可以坐火车从昆明到新加坡了。太棒了 OrdinaryDude May Laos prosper 愿老挝繁荣昌盛 You can punch me in the face, but it's a giant leap for Laos! Congrats! 这是老挝的一大飞跃。恭喜! nme w Wise way for China to spend its excess dollars instead buying US treasury bond 中国花掉多余的美元而不是购买美国国债的明智之举 MMA Dany vous cite l’histoire de fange Congrats to Laos and China, China which is constantly building or helping nations to build vital infrastructures for their countries, exactly the opposite of the United States and France which will destroy them with their bombardments of these structures! 祝贺老挝和中国,中国正在不断地建设或帮助各国为其国家建设重要的基础设施,这与美国和法国完全相反,美国和法国将通过轰炸这些结构摧毁他们! Jon Sei Lim The stations are so beautiful! 车站太美了! Reditya Filza Priatama Congratulations for Lao people, that was a great achievement from 恭喜老挝人民,这是的伟大成就 caroad2008 Someday I want to travel this rail. It is on my bucket list. LOL 总有一天我想走这条铁路。它在我的愿望清单上。哈哈 C Juan Exciting times ahead! Can't wait for the extension to Singapore! 激动人心的时刻即将到来。迫不及待地等待扩展到新加坡! alu ra Congratulations to Laos and China on the construction of the train between Laos and China. And also look forward to the first fast train for the Southeast Asia region, which is in Indonesia, namely the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train, which is a collaboration between Indonesia and China, which will operate at the end of 2022. 祝贺老挝和中国开建了中老之间的列车,同时也期待着东南亚地区的第一列快速列车——印度尼西亚——雅加达-万隆高铁 tenchichrono You mean... China ACTUALLY is building infrastructure in these BRI countries? BRI started in mid 2010s and has already done so much for the countries that have signed up with infrastructure and trade. What has the West done so far from the hundreds of years of colonization/imperialism that has been the betterment for these countries? 你的意思是……中国实际上正在这些“一带一路”国家建设基础设施。“一带一路”始于 2010 年代中期,已经为签署基础设施和贸易的国家做了很多。数百年来西方做了什么 Monishad Mukundan Congratulations to Loas for having Advanced China Rail System Love frm 恭喜老挝拥有先进的中国铁路系统,来自印度的爱 Mrdochan I'm Indonesian. Can't wait to see this extend to my country. Oh wait.. 我是印度尼西亚人。迫不及待地想看到这扩展到我的国家。哦,等等.. • It’s All Reversed • Congratulations, and it’s beautiful! 恭喜,而且很漂亮! Kahwai L Awesome plan! Thanks for the extension to Malaysia! 很棒的计划。感谢您扩展到马来西亚! Kiyoone In my country, they pour a very thin layer of new asphalt on top the older one (that does not hold longer than 3 months) in the road and they change the names saying that they "renew the infrastructure" Meanwhile a serious country: Builds new train lines to others to boost economy 在我的国家,他们在道路上的旧沥青(不超过 3 个月)上浇上一层非常薄的新沥青,并更改名称说他们“更新基础设施”,同时是一个严肃的国家。
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