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Goostrey I wish we could get these in the US. I love it, and this is exactly what my wife wants in a car: character and style without screaming 0-60 times. This will be a huge hit! 我希望我们能在美国买到这些。我喜欢它,这正是我妻子想要的汽车。性格和风格。这将是一个杀手锏! peterdevreter This reminds me of the Japanese "invasion" of the 70's. Great value, a lot of options as standard and if the quality is good (I think it is given the warranty) the old brands have a BIG problem. I consider myself a car guy and petrol head and I want one for that price and range. From what I've read Chinese brands simply skipped gasoline and hybrid cars, hired some top designers from the West and are currently lightyears ahead of Western brands. 这让我想起了 70 年代的日本“入侵”。超值,很多选择作为标准,如果质量好(我认为它有保修) dave smith For a "budget" EV, that interior is outstanding. 对于“廉价”的电动汽车,内饰非常出色。 Unreliable Narrator 66 For the English audience, the Chinese name 好猫 [ Hǎo Māo ] does translate to "Good Cat" but more importantly sounds good in Chinese. I think for export market they are wise to call it just "Cat" because "Good Cat" it too complicated it looses the homophone rhythm in other languages. Greetings from Shanghai. 对于英文观众来说,中文名字好猫 [ Hǎo Māo ] 确实翻译为“好猫”,但更重要的是中文听起来不错。我认为对于出口市场,他们明智地将其称为“猫” Super Vitz Wow. Curious to see how this pans out once it makes production for Europe and UK. Some of those numbers would be impressive if indeed accurate. Really wonder how it drives! 哇。很想知道一旦它为欧洲和英国生产后它会如何发展。如果确实准确,其中一些数字会令人印象深刻。真的很想知道它开起来怎么样 Stephen Philip Cool looking cars. Always exciting to see a new brand come to the market. Hopefully these cars will help drive even more EV adoption from a price perspective. Great episode JS 看起来很酷的汽车。看到一个新品牌进入市场总是令人兴奋。希望这些汽车从价格的角度有助于推动更多的电动汽车采用。 Michal Setlak Wow! An absolutely brilliant design! I love that daring logo. 哇。绝对精彩的设计。我喜欢那个大胆的标志。 Andrew David The GT trim looks like its trying a bit hard, but the standard one is actually quite good looking. Very Porsche at the front, but that's hardly a bad thing. I'd have the standard one but with those GT wheels GT 装饰看起来有点维和,标准版实际上很好看。前面很保时捷,但这并不是一件坏事。我想要标准版 JustDenification What a lovely car. I got Porsche 356 vibe from the front. The back of a Good Cat reminds me Audi Q5 without taillights. I love Ora's approach to make the most well designed car they can for the price, not artificially make it less attractive for price differentiation purposes. 多么可爱的车。我从前面得到了保时捷 356 的样子。好猫的后部让我想起了没有尾灯的奥迪 Q5。我喜欢 Ora 的方式,它以他们的价格制造出设计最好的汽车,而不是人为地降低吸引力 VDubya What a lovely looking car. ... If they can appeal to the Mini and 500 buyer by leaving a little more cash in their Zara handbags they're going to do very well . I hope the brand cuts through because the product looks promising 多么可爱的车子……如果他们能通过在 Zara 手提包中多留一点现金来吸引 Mini 和 500 的买家,他们会做得很好。我希望该品牌能够脱颖而出,因为该产品看起来很有前途 Brxee It looks perfectly adequate. I think it's biggest impact will be in keeping the existing manufacturers on their toes, unless they're intent on being complacent and repeating the mistakes that so many did when the Japanese cars first turned up! 它看起来完全够用了。我认为最大的影响是让现有制造商保持警觉,除非他们打算自满并重复日本汽车首次出现时许多人所做的错误! Petes Planet A Great review, really helped me get a good idea of the Cat even though it couldn’t be driven. I really like it. Would definitely seriously consider getting one as a second car. 很棒的评论,确实帮助我很好地了解了 Cat,即使它无法驾驶。我真的很喜欢它。绝对会认真考虑将其作为第二辆车。 D JW Market disruption is exactly what's needed to bring the ev within reach of the common man. The Chinese are doing exactly what the Japanese manufacturers did in the seventies, bringing quality and choice to our shores. Wondering what the deal is when to he batteries wear out, will replacement be an option etc? 市场竞争正是让普通人能够接触到电动汽车所需要的。中国人正在做日本制造商在 70 年代所做的事情,为我们的海岸带来质量和选择。想知道电池耗尽时该怎么办 Brian Love the look, like the equipment and the price is very competitive. These, and the BYD EA-1 are the first of those that’ll set the EV market on fire. Be interesting to see it and drive it next year. 喜欢外观,就像设备一样,价格非常有竞争力。这些和比亚迪 EA-1 是第一个将点燃 EV 市场的产品。明年看到它并驾驶它很有趣。 Craig ONeill Thats a nicely finished, well thought out interior that looks attractive & punches above its weight. The Exterior is a bit of a mishmash but not unattractive. I think it will do very well, I actually quite like it. Love the rear light bar for sure! Great review. 那是一个精心完成、经过深思熟虑的内饰,看起来很有吸引力。外观有点杂乱但并非没有吸引力。我认为它会做得很好,我实际上很喜欢它。喜欢后灯条 Ben Rogue This is a genuinely decent looking car. A few minor cosmetic changes and I reckon it'd be a real looker. The interior is also a lot nicer than many recent cars from China 这是一辆真正体面的汽车。一些小的外观变化。内饰也比许多最近来自中国的汽车漂亮得多 eddytheviper Not necessarily the right car for me but, we really need the lower end of the market to hot up. This is great stuff, loved the video as ever Jonny, thanks for sharing this interesting addition to the segment with us. 不一定适合我的汽车,但是,我们真的需要低端市场的热度。,这是很棒的东西,一如既往地喜欢视频 Jonny,感谢与我们分享这一细分市场的有趣补充。 L wal Honestly, having no brand recognition isn't always a bad thing. Think about skoda, it took years for it to shake off its negative image. I like this car, would consider this for my daughter as a first car based on the price. 老实说,没有品牌认知度并不总是坏事。想想斯柯达,它花了很多年才摆脱负面形象。,我喜欢这辆车,根据价格,我会考虑将其作为我女儿的第一辆车
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